Why Big Red Diary?
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1998 Maume, Mazis-ChambertinOct. 2018
Ooh – here’s a forward nose – lots of volume – with plenty of herb in a large expanse of complexity. Cushioned depth to the palate, considerable concentration, still a grain of tannin. Layered, intense, with waves of flavour, faintly bitter and saline. Never a sweet wine, never a comforting wine – but frankly who cares, this is really super, indeed invigorating stuff. ​
1986 Rebourseau Henri, Mazis-ChambertinMay. 2010
Medium mahogany red. The nose has a hint of leaf but also the warm, slightly sweet aromas of age – it seems quite clean. Still some astringency to what was probably quite under-ripe tannin in its youth and a hesitant sweetness to the fruit – though I have the impression it didn’t give up much sweetness for a lot of years. Grand Cru? Hard to tell, I’ll just say it’s an interesting, clean, fresh and drinkable bottle, it’s not a faux-pas.
2002 Boisset Jean-Claude, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2010
Darker colour. The young, dark fruit shows a mineral depth. Depth to the fruit on the palate too – actually it really penetrates – super dimensions of fruit! The structure is abundant but takes a backseat to the fireworks – excellent.
2002 Picard Michel, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2010
The fruit aromas are sweeter on this Mazis after the JC Boisset, still with a little mineral complexity but essentially quite primary. A big structure this, and while there seems plenty of wine to balance I find myself concentrating on the ‘building’, not it’s contents.
2007 Bichot Albert, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2009
(Mazis-bas) Medium, medium-plus colour. Big, open aromas edged with toast – initially needs more focus. More tannin, but not astringent and some dark barrel flavours that dovetail to fresh, dark fruit. I think that this is also not showits best, but there is a real underlying sense that this is a very serious wine.
1991 Maume, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2008
Medium-plus colour. The nose is wide, mineral and earth inflected with a fainter undertow of fruit. Flavour-packed and exciting, super Mazis character and energy – the most impressive wine in this respect – so it’s a shame it’s not a little longer, though the fine acidity leaves your mouth watering for more.
1989 Maume, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. High tones over a creamy base – slowly evolves cream before finally a little ripe fruit peaks through. A quiet entry builds in the mouth. Round and with (for the first time) creamy fruit. This has super length and still some tannin to resolve – a little plump, but excellent.
1988 Maume, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2008
On opening, the cork and head-space was a 10 out of 10 textbook example of ‘corked’, so much so that it wasn’t poured until later, when surprise, surprise: Medium ruby. The nose is a mineral but with a savoury depth. More mineral than any of the other wines with an interesting width and still plenty of tannin. The creamy finish lingers well, though stylistically very different to the other bottles. Vintage or cork makes the difference? – I detected no cork…
2005 Dugat-Py Bernard, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2008
Dark, indeed saturated colour – the first such wine. Super-concentrated aromatics with just a hint of over-ripe, roast fruit (the second wine with this). The acidity is covered by the fruit extract and shows a deft touch to keep such concentration in balance. From colour and concentration I’d assumed that this might be a little overblown – but not so, it’s a very nice wine that will certainly require extended cellaring, only the aromatics provided a hint of disappointment.
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