Why Big Red Diary?
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1999 Gay Francois, LadoixDec. 2009
A dark but young colour. The nose starts with plenty of dark oak that’s matched to equally dark cherry aromas – the more the glass drains, the aromaos get redder and redder and prettier. Good volume in the mouth and an open red-black confiture flavour that’s also edged with subtle dark oak, still a hint of tannin and super acidity. Long and flavourful with subtle licorice root flavour. Still young and still a wine that was a brillant buy – lots of time ahead, but was cleary at its best about 1 hour after opening.
1999 Gay Francois, LadoixNov. 2006
Deep ruby red. The nose first shows toasty, spicy oak, straight high tones and occasional glimpses a lovely penetrating red raspberry/redcurrant fruit. In the mouth this is fresh, with black edged ripe fruit, quite linear all the way into the finish accompanied by a slightly astringent, grainy tannin. Excellent.
1999 Gay Francois, LadoixNov. 2004
Medium plus cherry red, still with a rim of purple. At 16°C this is gorgeously fresh with a nose of blue-skinned fruit, and drinks much too fast on a warm day. At 18°C it’s less focused but has a more interesting nose – dried cranberry, cherry and a little raisin – reminiscent of many a 1993. The palate bursts with mainly black cherry. Lovely acidity and tannin that you won’t know is there unless you hold the wine in your mouth. Not a fat wine, but certainly a gorgeous wine the more oaky complexion of 2 years ago is gone. I bought half a dozen based on Burghound’s recommendation – that was a mistake – I should have bought 12!
1999 Gay Francois, LadoixDec. 2002
Mid purple-cherry coloured. The nose started very oaky, but after 25 minutes we have parma violets and bilberries. Not very thick in the mouth, but good mouthfeel, nice acidity, mild tannin and bright crunchy cherry fruit. This is a lovely summers day drink –maybe I’ll wait a couple of months for a sunny day for the next one.
1996 Parent, LadoixDec. 2002
The colour is a fantastic deep brick lightening at the rim. Nose is a little alcoholic, coupled with cooking red fruits. The palate still has lingering tannins and (perhaps) slightly tart acidity, but the fruit is up to the job of competing. It seems some of the lowly appellations from ’96 are finally starting to become enjoyable – no rush though. I hope the last 3 or 4 are still on the merchants shelf, at €14 it’s a steal.
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