Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Cornu, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotNov. 2011
Medium colour. Very pretty high tones on the nose, below it seems tighter but some pretty strawberry notes escape from the glass. Fuller and rounder than you expect from the modest colour – very good red fruit flavours.
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotOct. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is an interesting thing – this reminds me of a 2005, I think that’s my first time ever with a 2009! Concentrated fruit – essence of raspberry – some high-toned, slightly alcoholic notes and dried herbs. Cool and concentrated with plenty of acidity, though far from too much. The flavour lingers on a (very) dark red fruit note. Relatively narrow in the mid-palate but with decent intensity, only a medium-plus (or so) length, but overall this is a quality wine – and did I mention the price…(?)
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotDec. 2010
Again the aromas showcase very pretty red fruits, this time with plenty of cherry. The fruity flavours have an almost floral dimension. There is more concentration and structure, but everything is on an understated level.
2007 Cornu, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotFeb. 2010
Medium colour. The nose has a little oaky vanilla and a mineral infused but faint red fruit. Nice soft texture backed by an oak-spiced red fruit. There’s width and complexity in the mid-plate, but the density could be better considering that this is a 1er cru. Day two and the oak is much less prominent, though the acidity is less soft. Quite nice overall – for now, decant for an hour and drink on day one.
2005 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotNov. 2007
A deep cherry-red core. The nose is understated but deep – it remains so even after the last hints of dark oak have receded. This 2005 is one of the rarer wines from the vintage with an edge of black fruit in the mix – the last drops in the glass are, however, pure red. Smooth and soft – almost sweetly cordial like – it will keep this aspect for about another 2 years before becoming more ‘classically’ fresh. But balanced freshness is already evident, and the tannin is very much hidden in the background. There’s plenty of material here, and most impressive is the value – this was about 19 Swiss francs, i.e regional bourgogne territory. Even in 2005 you will be hard pressed to find such a sophisticated bourgogne.
2001 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotAug. 2006
Medium-plus ruby colour. The nose is deep; concentrated baked redcurrant against a herby background – quite attractive. Good concentration, mouthwatering acidity and well-hidden tannins. The finish is quite long too. This wine punches above it’s weight – very good value too.
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