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2009 Lamarche Francois, La Grande RueApr. 2011
The nose has still-more flowers than the Grands-Echézeaux, blended with mixed spice and perhaps cloves too. It’s a lovely high-toned, almost perfumed, mid-palate. There’s just a gorgeous line of clear fruit right through the core of the wine into its finish – beautiful!
2007 Lamarche Francois, La Grande RueJul. 2009
A 7th September harvest and lots of triage – only about 60% the number of bottles versus an ‘average’ harvest. One year in barrel and a relatively early bottling ‘to keep the fruits’. Medium cherry red colour. The red shaded cherry fruit is a little candied and slowly builds a width of of understated spice notes. Plenty of volume in the mouth, and whilst offering up savoury aspects, they have a creamy coating – the flavours slowly insinuating into your palate. Really super length that has a hint of oak wedded to creamy fruit – there’s a little oak texture too, but you can see that it’s already fading. This is a fine grand cru.
2001 Lamarche Francois, La Grande RueJul. 2009
Relatively young, medium intensity colour. The nose is a wild and really interesting melange of fruits – both baked and fresh – totally different to the 07, and just begs a wide-bowled wine-glass. On the palate it is fresh and shares a similar ‘volume’ to the 2007. Understated velvet tannin and good acidity. The finishing flavours are a little savoury and there’s some oak flavour in there too – though no oak texture. Faintly long – I was expecting more, but then comes a nice reprise so I was sated. This wine built width and dimension in the glass, so next time open earlier or decant. Lovely stuff.
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