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2009 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxNov. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. Wow: There’s a strong smell of pyrazines on the nose – blind, I’d probably lose my house pronouncing this as a 2004. The flavour is likewise corrupted. This seems very stable in the glass, and it’s not for me.
2008 Heresztyn, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxJan. 2011
Here is a more open depth of achingly pretty fruit – super. There is more width and still some minerality, gorgeous fruit. I’d love to compare this the Bachelet and Ilan!
2009 Heresztyn, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxJan. 2011
The nose is very tight, but in the mouth the flavours are very round, complex and fine. Admittedly there’s plenty of oak-derived flavour too but it doesn’t make it any less engaging. Whilst a little tannin sticks to your gums, it is more of an afterthought.
2006 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is a little more diffuse than the Fourrier Goulots that precedes it, but has a little extra coffee dimension. Good concentration, plush but plenty of tannin clings to your gums, a little astringent too. Nigh high-toned fruit. Will need longer in the cellar than the Goulots but has plenty of potential.
2004 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxApr. 2007
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. An understated and tight nose slowly becomes creamy with glossy fruit. The cream of the nose is paralleled on the palate with impressive density to the precise creamy fruit that has a licorice edge. Mouth-watering acidity and understated smooth tannins that just cling a little to your gums. There is just a faint edge of bitterness in the finish which I can’t quite decide whether it comes from the grape or oak tannin, but it’s a good length. Very young – certainly a 2004 – but a very nice package.
2001 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxNov. 2006
Medium-plus cherry-red. The nose starts a little funky and diffuse, little time is required to lose the funk and provide a wide, slighty warm and deep effect, eventually it’s a lovely redcurrant nose. Almost as intense as the two Jacques, equally mouth-watering and similarly long. The overall profile is slightly more rustic with some grain to the tannin, but as this tannin fades with timeyou are very close to a cut-price Clos St.Jacques. This is heartily recommended.
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