Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Boisset Jean-Claude, Gevrey-Chambertin Le CreotJul. 2009
Four barrels from the slopes of Brochon. A pretty and refined nose of red berries that are underpinned by another fainter dimension of fruit. Very stylish – like the Chambolles but with more tannin. Very nice dark flavours.
2005 Boisset Jean-Claude, Gevrey-Chambertin Le CreotApr. 2007
From the Brochon hill, lying just below Les Jeunes Rois. This is another vineyard where Grégory took note of the quality of the fruit and approached the owner in order to buy. The vines are ~70 years old. The aromatics concentrate on red fruit over an earthy base and eventually just a few smoky notes hinting at stems – Grégory confirms that a few were used. Bright and interesting fruit of some depth, the tannins cling just a little more than the previous wines but they are very ripe. Very good and some personality.
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