Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Clark David, Côte de Nuits VillagesJul. 2011
Only a hint more than medium colour. I’ve come to expect a bit of stubborn background reduction in David Clark’s wines but there’s not even a hint of it here; a little toasted bread (more like a white). In the mouth this is forward, fresh and quite intense. The flavours have a bit of the floral about them, the red fruit being far from the 09 vernacular of overtly ripe and sweet. Just a hint of oak flavour in the finish too. This is a wine that drinks quite well now but I suspect it will be on another level in 6-12 months. Very accomplished.
2009 Boisset Jean-Claude, Côte de Nuits VillagesJan. 2011
(Blanc) Fresh aromas of citrus. Plenty of acidity ; lovely punch and expansion in the mid-palate. I just love the energy here.
2009 Esmonin Sylvie, Côte de Nuits VillagesJan. 2011
A depth of dark fruit aroma. Fuller than the Bourgogne, with velvet tannin that has a little grab, but just about stays in the background. Higher quality here than many Gevrey Villages. Nice enough finish – lovely wine.
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Côte de Nuits VillagesDec. 2010
Good high tones over a depth of fresh, dark red berries. Wider and fuller with very good flavour – more-so in the mid-palate. A little more structured – excellent, even before you see the €10 price.
2008 Clark David, Côte de Nuits VillagesSep. 2010
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. Like many of David’s wines the aromas have a dark undertow that has a hint of reduction at its core but there a musky padding to it that makes it quite compelling. Cool, this has just enough padding to cover the acidity – as it warms in the glass the balance is more generous. Very good width to not especially deep fruit, but there’s a hint of creaminess to add to the crunchy dark fruit and a lovely length. I like this very much, and whilst I might prefer to drink it before the fruit fades and the acidity becomes pronounced, it might still be interesting to save a bottle or two. Very nice indeed.
2007 Roty Philippe, Côte de Nuits VillagesApr. 2010
Wide dark aromas with a hint of brûlée. A little fatter than the Marsannay Champs St.Etienne, a little more structure too. Back to the dark fruit. This lingers very well.
2007 Bachelet Denis, Côte de Nuits VillagesFeb. 2010
Medium colour. The nose starts a little ‘thin’, but quickly fills out with a mix of red and blue shaded fruit and there’s a width of higher tones, no bass-notes though. A balanced and slightly floral impression with an impressive width, though like the nose there’s a limited depth for the life of this bottle. The fruit impression does build a lovely red, cream inflected note. This becomes very tasty indeed. A pretty wine that was once a great value cuvée – currently it’s just pretty…
2007 Potel Nicolas, Côte de Nuits VillagesJul. 2009
Bottled in November. A fresh, understated nose with a few hints of herbs. Sweetness and good attack – a hint of gas – reminds of Gevrey-style. This needs a little cellar rest, but is almost good.
1999 Drouhin Joseph, Côte de Nuits VillagesMay. 2009
Medium colour. A deep nose of spice and cedar plus faint, sweet and maturing background fruit. Quite silky, a slightly unripe impression to the fruit, good acidity and largely diminished tannin. A pretty length until some finishing bitterness. Interesting parts and great value, but missing charm today.
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