Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Giroud Camille, Corton RognetsJul. 2010
The aromas have more power here, floral hints too. The texture has extra fat and while it’s quite linear there is volume a-plenty. The nose just keeps evolving – this is lovely.
2007 Giroud Camille, Corton RognetsDec. 2009
Reduction that slowly lifts with swirling, all the while building aromatic colour – warm red fruit with herbs above. Full in the mouth with quite classy, fine and ripe tannin before you experience a burst of flavour in the mid-palate. Fasintly lingering flavour – majoring on fruit. This is a very pretty wine indeed.
2004 Giroud Camille, Corton RognetsJul. 2006
High registers of floral notes, middle registers of ripe red cherry plus a deeper, tighter impression – multi-layering at its best. A step-up in texture and density vs the last wines; linear and concentrated. A very pretty and long wine with super acidity. It’s a little tight, yet despite the linear face there’s no harshness. Super.
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