Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Guyot Olivier, Clos St.DenisMar. 2011
Very forward aromas with a faint edge of reduction. This is a big mouthful of wine, rescued by a lovely, late-arriving wave of acidity – actually a very interesting wine.
2008 Guyot Olivier, Clos St.DenisMar. 2011
Lovely dark fruit – this is both pretty and complex. Plenty of slightly grainy tannin and lovely aspects to the fruit that combine with mineral elements too. Very interesting.
2008 Heresztyn, Clos St.DenisJan. 2011
This is very tight to start with. Here the structure comes first, dominating the flavours – it’s a sullen performance; there’s lots of well-balanced material here but today there are only glimpses of fruit and flavour. The smell of last drops in the glass bode well for the future – lovely
2009 Heresztyn, Clos St.DenisJan. 2011
The nose is as tight as a drum. Again there is plenty of structure – a lovely core of acidity and flavour that grow in tandem – becoming rather intense. The flavour really clings to your gums. Long-term wine that is very serious – the last drops in the glass offer up a gorgeous note of violets.
2008 Roche de Bellene, Clos St.DenisJul. 2010
The nose is more understated than I would like – mainly because the little it offers is gorgeous. In the mouth this doesn’t have the impact of the Clos de la Roche but like the nose the fruit flavours are to die for. Just a hint of minerality to the finish.
2007 Dujac, Clos St.DenisJul. 2009
Wide aromatics – the depth initially seems a little ‘clipped’ but slowly it opens up and widens out with shades of stems and becomes ever-more perfumed. After the Combottes, there is more minerality and as good as that wine was, there is yet extra dimension of mid-palate fruits. Superbly long – beautiful.
2007 Potel Nicolas, Clos St.DenisJul. 2009
Width and complexity are the hallmarks of the nose – plus a beautiful core of fruit. Supple and concentrated with perfect balance. An extra dimension of flavour in the mid-palate before the good finish. Lovely stuff.
2005 Bertagna, Clos St.DenisApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour. A nose of macerating cherries, slightly alcoholic but focused. Full in the mouth with concentrated fruit and equally concentrated, reasonably fine and ripe tannin. Very nice fruit that hints at an extra creamy dimension and lovely acidity. This wine has plenty of muscle and I wouldn’t hesitate to leave it another 10 years, yet was a tasty wee dram. Very good.
1976 Giroud Camille, Clos St.DenisApr. 2009
The nose starts like many old Girouds with that Italian ‘botti’ aroma, however, not much swirling is required to consign that to history as a frankly beautiful floral aroma fills the glass – spectacular. The taste is quite okay but cannot come close to the beauty of the nose; fat, mouth-filling, still some fine-grained tannin. No fireworks here – merely fine.
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