Why Big Red Diary?
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2000 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysAug. 2010
Medium, medium-pale colour. A little warmth of alcohol in the nostrils but chocolate, good stems and clean undergrowth too – it was very pretty. In the mouth there is sweetness, good balancing acidity and a tannin that just occasionally shows itself in the quite long finish. Dry stuff that description – often the problem with recollections – it doesn’t tell you that everyone around the table was oohing and ahing and saying the same word – ‘lovely’. Showing very well now but with the balance to last and last…
2000 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysMay. 2009
Medium ruby-red colour – looks great in the glass. The nose has a little more truffle than the Clavelier, some brown sugar and higher tones – pretty, but less pretty than the Brulées. In the mouth it’s nicely sweet, reasonably concentrated and provides a lingering sweet, mouth-watering finish that has more than one dimension. There’s still a little bitter oak in the finish but it’s only a minor distraction today. It needs at least another 2 or 3 years to reach its apogee, but it’s still a very tasty bottle.
1995 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
There’s a lovely width of powdery red cherry fruit and faint almond – it smells wonderful. Likewise in the mouth, a width of lovely flavours. The tannin certainly needs another 3-5 years, also the acidity has some lift. Interesting but understated length. Far from perfect but wonderful personality.
1985 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
The nose is wide, mature, meaty and sweet – perhaps a hint of 3-day-old socks, but a nice package. On the tongue it’s ripe and sweet with very faint oxidation in the background. The fruit is rather good and there’s still an edge of tannin. Subtly long – an interesting wine to spend time with.
1982 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
The nose is all about tertiary notes of soil and leaves. Sweet and quite interesting flavours in the mouth – completely resolved tannin. Quite interesting but far from a grand cru burgundy drinking experience.
2002 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
The colour is certainly browner than my last bottle – about 4 months earlier. Minerals, soil and a good mix of high and medium tones on the nose. Lovely, mouth-filling, coffee-edged flavours and the typical, slightly unruly 2002 tannins. A very characterful wine of good length – very tasty.
2005 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour, edged with purple. High-toned, and initially slightly diffuse and alcoholic but the aromas show a great depth of brooding fruit. Absolutely mouth-filling and complex. Very. very long with a mineral vein – superbly long – fantastic.
2003 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
A high-toned and nicely fresh nose of red berries over something initailly a little musty – the must slowly evolves to creamy soil notes. The palate is very ripe but the fruit retains some freshness and avoids being ‘roast’. The flavour is good and shows no obvious jarr from the tannin. This is very supple but not as long as many here.
2001 Lambrays, Clos des LambraysApr. 2009
Deep aromas, some sous-bois, a little spicy oak. Much better texture to the tannin versus the 2002 – this is almost a junior 2005 in mouth-feel. There is plenty of action in the mouth and a similar if slightly narrower length to the 2002, actually this seems younger than the 2002. Very fine wine.
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