Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Germain Henri, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotSep. 2011
A parcel that came from Henri’s wife – a Pillot of Chassagne. The nose is full and forward, sweet-lined Chassagne with a clear note of bright fruit. Mouth-filling with lovely acidity – Yum.
2009 Germain Henri, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotSep. 2011
Chassagne herbs interspersed with flashes of wood-spice. This is certainly more mineral than the Charmes, mouth-watering too. The intensity of flavour grows with the acidity delivering you into a finish of fine flavour.
2009 Ramonet Noel, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMay. 2011
A good nose of depth, some herbs, in fact plenty of things to find. Full and quite rich in the mouth, initially with just enough acidity but the impression of acidity grows as your mouth waters – holding steady into the finish.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMay. 2011
(Blanc) High-toned, completely different aromas, framed with Chassagne herbs. This is longer and rounder and whilst balanced I have a slight preference for the river of acidity that runs through the Bievaux.
1986 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotApr. 2011
(Blanc) Fast-forward ten years. The nose is deeper than than the ’76 – almost woody and a little spicy. In the mouth this is a little softer, but again shows some impression of tannin. Lovely acidity and intensity – it’s a nice acid-leaning, mouth-watering finish which emphasis a flavour of agrumes – captivating.
1992 Remoissenet Père et Fils, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMar. 2010
From a jeroboam with dinner! Golden but not oxidised – savoury, biscuity. Much more mineral and muscular than I expected – no ‘ample’ 1992 here – complex, balanced and very satisfying. I ‘needed’ 3 more glasses…
2005 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMar. 2010
Medium, medium-plus yellow colour. A hint of sulfur, but otherwise soft yet penetrating notes of butterscotch and cream over ripe but very pretty fruits. Excellent intensity with penetrating acidity, this is both rich and powerful. In some ways it’s a little over the top and certainly starts a little chunky, but it really comes together with aeration. This wine is no shrinking violet – don’t go here for elegance – today it’s more of a swashbuckler!
2008 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotDec. 2009
Classic, slightly masculine and certainly powerful aromas. In the mouth the power is obvious, but it’s balanced by a little ‘give’ in the texture, a sweetnes of fruit and very good acidity – this is lovely.
2008 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotDec. 2009
Finer aromas of more intense red berries and cherry. Again there is very good acidity and some astringency to the (also) slightly sticky tannins. A sneaky extra dimension of fruit flavour if not density versus the villages wine.
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