Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Mischief and Mayhem, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieNov. 2011
Toasted bread on the nose plus an almost creamy roundness to the fruit aromas. This is both rich and very, very silky. Concentrated too – the overall balance being fine enough. Quite a contemplative wine I think…
2009 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieApr. 2011
A tiny amount of sulfur on the nose. In the mouth this both mineral and intense – and has a lovely, lingering acidity. Joyous!
2009 Moreau Bernard, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieDec. 2010
Also in tank. Here are rounder, riper fruit aromas. In the mouth there’s a hint of CO2 but it’s also more direct and linear. Good intensity and a slowly decaying finishing flavour.
2008 Gambal Alex, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieApr. 2010
That characteristic deeper, slightly savoury Chassagne nose. The is more flavour impact here and shows plenty of action in the mid-palate. This wine delivers a (very) slow diminuendo of flavour – it really hangs around. Super.
2006 Gambal Alex, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieApr. 2008
Versus the Clos St.Jean, this has higher-toned, rather less focused aromatics. In the mouth it’s though its very interesting, much more mineral with good acidity an a savoury length. This is quite racy but certainly not overdone. Very good.
2005 Potel Nicolas, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieApr. 2007
Medium lemon-yellow. The nose is high-toned with a little citrus and deep segments of fruit. Rich but round flavours expand in the mid-palate and show good length. This is a clean, powerful and quite interesting wine.
2004 Gambal Alex, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieMar. 2006
Versus their Clos St.Jean this is much more closed, tightly wound pineapple hints on the nose. More mineral with high-ish acidity, but there’s lots of interest on the palate that goes a long way in the finish. I marginally prefer the Clos St.Jean.
1996 Niellon Michel, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieJul. 2005
Medium yellow colour. A ripe nose which grows and grows in stature – super. Wider palate than many, with a sweet core of fruit, hints of honey too. Super acidity. This is a lovely bottle.
2001 Jouard Vincent & Francois, Chassagne-Montrachet La MaltroieMar. 2003
Yellow colour. Sweet melon and grapefruit nose. This has intense fruit, goodish acidity and reasonable length. Good wine.
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