Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Vougeraie, Charmes-Chambertin - MazoyeresMar. 2011
From over one-hundred year-old vines in Mazoyères. Concentrated yet never heavy aromas of fruit – beautiful top notes. Round and concentrated without too much fat. The flavour build and build in the mid-palate. Mouthwatering in the finsh – fab!
2009 Vougeraie, Charmes-Chambertin - MazoyeresMar. 2011
The first wine whose nose is a little tight. Round with plenty of structure – actually quite mineral. Faint hints of coconut on a very long finish. Far from ‘facile’ Charmes…
2001 Vougeraie, Charmes-Chambertin - MazoyeresMar. 2003
Medium-plus cherry colour and a beautiful red cherry nose. The 65 year old vines have produced a big, tannic wine with perfect acidity. Superb fruit. I often find ‘Charmes’ less interesting than the other G-C Grand Crus – perhaps because it’s such a large vineyard relative to the others, but this is perhaps the best example I’ve ever tasted. Excellent – and I’m looking for some!
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