Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Guyot Olivier, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesMar. 2011
Understated aromas, flowers and fruit – seems quite composed. This is very interesting indeed with impressively intense flavours that are long-lasting…
2006 Potel Nicolas, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesSep. 2010
Medium-plus colour. The nose has depth and almost texture; sometimes when you have brett there’s a texture impression, and I have it here, but it seems clean enough. The fruit is dark and occasionally gives flashes of brilliance. It’s fresh and intense, keep it in your mouth and it becomes even more intense as the acidity penetrates your tongue. The tannin really only shows itself – and mildly – from the mid-palate into the finish and as a slightly bitter but flavour adhering additive – hmm, licorice I think. Actually there is more flavour in the finish than you get at the start – it really builds and builds. Overall – full-packed, hinting to rustic but full of interest and I might even say fun! If the nose didn’t slowly develop a more floral and pretty ‘whole’ I don’t think you’d ever have ‘Chambolle’ as your first guess – I suppose that’s the proximity to Bonnes-Mares for you. I’m happy to have a couple of larger format bottles to work through from 2020 onwards!
2004 Liger-Belair Thibault, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
A négoce wine. The last time I had this there was a strong vintage character and here it is today too – a little stronger than the Perrot-Minot, let’s say at a 7/10 intensity. In the mouth there seems to be both a good balance and good freshness, in particular there seems to be a very engaging mid-palate energy and a creamy extra dimension to the fruit. That part is very impressive, but it’s vintage character shows all the way to the finish…
2005 Liger-Belair Thibault, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium-plus colour. Deep, rich, dark red fruit aromas – almost cordial. Intense, quite some blocky extract. There’s a linear intensity through the centre of this wine – it doesn’t narrow or widen, it goes like a train. The flavour has some of the dark mineral flavour of the Jadots, it’s also very long. Today this is a little tight, austere and far from seamless but it is far from lacking material. Return in 10 years.
2008 Faiveley Joseph, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. High-toned red, close to orange confiture fruits at the first sniff. Eventually the nose delivers very pretty red berries. Beautiful texture – just off-fat. Intense with extra hints of cream to the fruit in the mid-palate. Not a wine that delivers fireworks in the mid-palate, rather one whose flavours just keep going on and on.
2007 Faiveley Joseph, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. Plenty of wood frames the first aromas, but it’s transient as swirling releases higher-toned fruit that’s almost floral over a deeper, darker more classic base. Not the seamless texture of their 2008, the tannin stands slightly to the side and offers a bitter-chocolate edge, but the flavours are excellent and complex – they only miss the clarity of the 2008.
2007 Barthod Ghislaine, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. Deep, interesting, slightly fecund aromas – mmm – then flashes of high-toned fruit and faint spice. Whilst the tannin stands a little to the side, this has the energy and intensity that many 2007s lack. Dark red fruit and some of that dark mineral flavour in the mid-palate and into the finish. Very fine 2007.
2007 Mugnier J-F, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. Rather focused aromas for a 2007, there’s a burst of dark red fruit, the darkness suggesting a little reduction, there is fine width though more limited depth. Slowly the nose becomes more and more forward. Riper and with slightly improved integration of tannin yet less energetic and extrovert than the Barthod. It is very fine, but I prefer the Barthod.
2006 Jadot Louis, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. The nose is wide with flashes of dark red berries though essentially it’s a tight core of fruit. Very slowly it adds a creamy accent and quite pretty. The palate is lithe and finely muscled, not fat but certainly intense. Good understated acidity and a very mineral, quite dense and long-lasting flavour from the mid-palate onwards into the finish. Impressive.
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