Why Big Red Diary?
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1997 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, Chambolle-Musigny les FeusselottesDec. 2006
(From magnum) Medium-plus colour. The nose is surprisingly meaty and spicy, opening ever-wider and at the same time denser red fruit and a more mineral, cedar note comes through. The palate is very fresh and interesting for a 1997 – no dodgy acidity here – though perhaps only medium-plus length. Like the nose, the red fruit on the palate is rather dense and wall-like (like some ’95’s) – little in the way of delicacy is available and I’m not sure if more time will bring it, but this is quite young and almost impossible to pick blind as 1997. It’s still a fine young wine.
2002 Mugneret Dr Georges, Chambolle-Musigny les FeusselottesNov. 2005
Similar depth of colour to the 2001, but the shade is more cherry-red. A deep nose again, this time a little more coffee-infused with a hint of blood-orange – more things to find, but less focused. Very different style on the palate – the length of finish is comparable, but it’s no crescendo, this wine starts as it ends – full-speed – starting much wider than the 2001. The finish is long but currently a little saccharin. There’s just a little more material – but not necessarily better material. Today I’d much rather drink the 01 (it’s that saccharin thing, I also don’t like Cola-Lite), longer-term my cellar is keeping an open mind despite retaining an emphasis on 2001…
2001 Mugneret Dr Georges, Chambolle-Musigny les FeusselottesNov. 2005
Medium colour, that halfway-house between cherry and ruby. Deep and intense with a mineral, slightly spicy edge, the fruit is rather linear and red but still with real depth. Soft entry, but this wine has a bit of a peacocks tail, it just gets wider and wider with a lovely finish. It’s only medium density but has a lovely back-bone of acidity and you hardly notice the tannin.
1999 Jadot Louis, Chambolle-Musigny les FeusselottesNov. 2004
Most 1999’s drink great today, but if you want to drink this wine now, take a decanter! For 90 minutes the nose of this wine was only about wood-spice. Given time there is a superb soaring red nose. The palate seems also to lose a little graininess with aeration but retains a little astringency to the tannins. Excellent acidity and a finish that is long but currently one dimensional. Not a shy and retiring Chambolle – indeed quite muscular – but this should be a super bottle in the future.
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