Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Digioia-Royer, Chambolle-Musigny GruenchersJul. 2011
The vines are 25 years old this year. Here the aromas are wider and finer than the VV but with less impact. Good acidity and a cushioned texture. Nice mid-palate complexity whose flavours take quite some time to fade – again the last notes being quite mineral.
2001 Gambal Alex, Chambolle-Musigny GruenchersDec. 2006
Medium ruby-red. The nose has some oaky depth overlayed by dense, though initially not so intense, creamy black cherry; with time the oak fades and the creamy fruit comes more to the fore. Understated entry – apparently only moderately concentrated to start with – but this very well textured wine builds intensity in the mouth. The overal picture is of black-shaded fruit just edged with a little oak texture, but this will fade (the oak!) – the finish is a reasonably long one. I enjoyed this a lot.
2001 Fourrier, Chambolle-Musigny GruenchersNov. 2006
Medium-pale ruby-red colour. The nose starts out a little dark and chocolatey; time takes away the darker elements to be replaced with slightly volatile, high-toned estery notes and a faint core of ight red fruit – not so appealing. The palate has good texture and mouthwatering acidity. The intensity belies the colour and the finish is quite long but rather metallic. On day one I have to say that I’m a little disappointed. Day two the nose is a little more estery and the palate remains consistent. Disappointing.
2001 Gambal Alex, Chambolle-Musigny GruenchersJul. 2004
Medium, medium-plus ruby red. Nose starts very understated, shiny red berries and only hinting at some depth. On the palate this wine zings along with very fine acidity and well-put-together tannins, quite velvetty. Just a little grain on the finish – but I think this is more from the wood. The fruit is at first a little one-dimensional – to be fair the staff at Gambal always recommend decanting young wines to aerate saying that they are pretty reductive when bottled. Towards the end of the bottle the nose is more interesting with a blacker dried-fruit aspect, the palate also shows more complexity – for the price this wine is very, very satisfying.
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