Why Big Red Diary?
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2005 Bouchard Père et Fils, Chablis BougrosMar. 2010
Pale yellow. Round and wide, still a little brioche and smooth ripe fruit. There’s a fatness that seems borne from less than generous acidity, yet your mouth waters in the good finish all the same. Same as when last tasted, it’s very rich but it’s sweet and relatively powerful. If anything it’s slightly better performing than the last bottle – Yum.
2002 Fevre William, Chablis BougrosJul. 2009
Maybe even lighter than the clos. Similarly fresh an wide, just a little less oomph. Lovely width, hint of lime and ripe fruit good length – very good. This was lovely.
2005 Bouchard Père et Fils, Chablis BougrosJul. 2009
Pale yellow. A round nose that’s just fresh enough, has a little brioche and subdued but smooth and seemingly ripe fruit below. Maybe it’s just a little fatter, richer that I consider perfect for GC Chablis, but it has the requisite mineral core and a late-arriving mouth-watering finish. Sweetly intense and quite pretty. The purchase price was a bargain and I’d buy more at the price – about half the current Fevre Bougros price!
2006 Fevre William, Chablis BougrosApr. 2008
A little savoury on the nose, but no obvious toast – faint brioche though. Super minerality, acidity and focus. Very long – close to pure Chablis!
2005 Bouchard Père et Fils, Chablis BougrosNov. 2007
Medium-pale lemon yellow. The nose is forward and deep, a little vanilla-custard and maybe some background sulfur that seems to slightly dull a citrus edge. The palate is… well… wow! Super-intense. It’s hardly at its best given my lack of patience as the impressive parts are not yet a ‘whole’ but there is reasonable minerality, impressive mid-palate intensity and and a great ‘zing’ to the acidity. The length is very good rather than outstanding, but clearly a bargain at the price.
2003 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis BougrosApr. 2007
Medium yellow. The cooler the wine, the more mineral the aspect, but at the correct temperature, aromatically this is a more about honey than rocks, with just a faint savoury edge. The palate is soft and supple – ripe obviously – good texture and a medium-plus length. The vintage is doing the talking here, so this is not a great Bougros, but it is a great value wine enjoyed in a restaurant.
2002 Fevre William, Chablis BougrosApr. 2007
Pale golden. The nose is a pungent mix of faint shoreline notes and heavy, lime-inflected fruit. Super minerality and intensity coupled to really good length. This seems much tighter than the last bottles – must be time to think about laying down for the future. An impressive bottle still.
2002 Fevre William, Chablis BougrosJul. 2006
As the 2003’s and 2004’s head ever-higher (price-wise), mopping-up 2001’s and 2002’s is not a bad idea. The colour is still a very pale lemon-yellow. On the nose it’s wide, fresh and nicely high-toned but it is underpinned with lovely fruit. The palate has not-yet tightened up, intensely concentrated, falling more into the mineral category than fruit-driven. Lovely balance though just a trace of harshness on the finish – only a minor blot at 65% the price of the 2004!
2002 Bouchard Père et Fils, Chablis BougrosNov. 2005
Pale, yellow coloured. Bright, forward – even effusive – nose, with sweet candied fruit, a hint of salty seashore and lots of precision. Concentrated with a beautiful lingering acidity that pushes the sweet flavours very, very long – the fruit is very ripe, but not so as to spoil the balance. Frankly, apart from that whisp of seashore on the nose, this doesn’t say ‘Chablis’ to me, but it does say ‘buy more’ – and I will – you can’t get this level of value on the Côte de Beaune!
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