Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Bellene, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesFeb. 2012
Medium, medium-plus colour. The mose has a hint of sweet, smoky, musky red fruits; it pulls you in for a sniff and then an exclamaition of ahhhh… In the mouth this is really round, sweet fruit, decent underlying acidity and even a hint of tannin. This is all puppy-fat today but I perceive steel below the surface. I would have drunk a little more but everyone-else liked it so much that I didn’t get the chance…
2008 Bellene, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesJul. 2010
The vines come from Nicolas’s father, the wine bottled in March. Deeper aromas of red fruit. The structure is a little more obvious here, slowly the fruit comes through to take over. Seems a stricter wine.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesDec. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour. When first opened there’s a dark waft of oak supported by some bright cherry. Time in the glass makes the oak fade and the fruit come more to the fore, soft, sometimes powdery but very pretty red-cherry fruit. More than decent concentration for a regional, good acidity and balance. The tannin is mainly resolved though there’s still a little velvet-style texture. The finish is mouth-watering, sweet and red-coloured. The longer it was open, the better it tasted. Very nice indeed.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesNov. 2007
Medium, medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose is deep, with dark oak coating more distant baked red cherry, topped by higher-toned alcoholic notes. Initially good acidity starts to turn a little bright in the mid-palate and even faintly bitter as it runs into the finish – but I’m being picky here. To focus purely on the acidity ignores reasonably well grained tannin and ripe, oak coated fruit. This remains an above average and quite young bourgogne that is pretty well balanced and still needs a couple more years in the cellar – I think it will always retain its oaky base, but it’s not drying.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesJul. 2006
First bottle corked, marginally, but corked. Medium ruby-red colour. The nose starts meaty, eventually giving up red berries – quite super as the bottle is finished. In the mouth it’s somewhat stodgy with acidity a little to the fore and noticeable tannin. It’s still almost good, but perhaps needs a couple more years in the cellar if ‘easy-drinking’ is your target – we’ll see.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesMar. 2005
Medium cherry-red. The nose is deep but slightly diffuse, sweet and meaty, eventually showing more of a rd confiture. Good concentration, very good acidity and with a black aspect to the fruit. It’s become just a little spicier than I prefer, also there’s a little bitterness on the finish, but not enough to cause concern. Certainly it’s tightened in the last 18 months but no rush to drink-up.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesNov. 2004
Medium-plus cherry red. The nose has good depth, but the red fruit is a little diffuse. The palate has much more going for it than your average bourgogne, good intensity to the fruit, nice acidity and tannins that still need a year or two. Certainly better than most ‘no-name’ village wines and probably giving it’s best around 2006-2010.
2000 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesMar. 2003
Medium-full cherry colour. The nose is of cooking cherries with a subtle undertow of oak and earth. Fresh acidity, concentrated cherry fruit and medium tannins. This is very serious for a Bourgogne – particularly in 2000. Very good wine and worth leaving for 2 years.
1999 Potel Nicolas, Bourgogne Rouge 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles VignesMar. 2003
Medium ruby colour to the rim. Nose has wood spice and cherry pie fruit. The palate has good acidity and some prominent tannin, both of which are reasonably well covered with layers of beautifully delineated fruit, raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry. Length is good, the only slight disappointment being that it’s a bit ‘thin’ in the mouth. Hopefully the other 11 will put on some weight over the next few years. Given the appellation though, fantastic.
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