Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Ramonet Noel, Bourgogne Pinot NoirMar. 2012
‘Nomacorked’. This has a fresh but forward nose of dark red fruit with a mint-leaf impression too – quite like the Potel but with more depth and balance. The flavour is also quite forward and friendly, the acidity giving the impression of sweet and sour in combination with the fruit. In the mouth the impression is of roundness, and I have to say it’s rather delicious too. Far from the concentration of the Camille-Giroud or the Pataille, but more effortlessly drinkable today.
2009 Ramonet Noel, Bourgogne Pinot NoirNov. 2011
A plastic ‘Nomacork’. This has a fresh but forward nose of dark red cherries. The flavour is also quite forward and shows a sour cherry impression – certainly not sweet but refreshingly moreish. This has a very decent intensity and I absolutely love it.
2009 Mischief and Mayhem, Bourgogne Pinot NoirNov. 2011
Bottled in July 2010, this wine is blend of grapes from Aloxe, Côte Chalonaise, Hautes Côtes de Nuits and Brochon. A bright and friendly red cherry nose jumps from the glass to greet you – it’s almost cordial. Uncommon weight and concentration for a Bourgogne, the ripe fruit is edged with a hint of tannin – all things you hardly find in a Bourgogne.
2010 Buisson-Charles, Bourgogne Pinot NoirNov. 2011
Just a hint of reduction – but frankly nothing could take your attention from a double-dose of cassis on the nose. Quite full and round with a real base of tannin. The flavour has creamy accents – regardless of appellation, just a lovely wine.
2009 Buisson-Charles, Bourgogne Pinot NoirNov. 2011
Very high-toned aromas and quite some intensity of fruit – Patrick used 100% whole clusters. Full, supple structure and a slowly lingering finish. Absolutely bravo! For a Bourgogne Pinot Noir!
2009 Digioia-Royer, Bourgogne Pinot NoirJul. 2011
The nose delivers a wide vista of ripe pinot fruit. Good acidity and tannin and quite enough fruit ‘glue’ to hold everything together. Some bitter chocolate tannin towards the finish.
2009 Mischief and Mayhem, Bourgogne Pinot NoirMar. 2011
Forward, bright pinot fruit edged with floral aromatics. Faint, fine tannin. Quite supple with good flavour. You can certainly enjoy this today for what it offers. Very good for the label.
2007 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Bourgogne Pinot NoirFeb. 2011
Medium colour. The nose has more than a hint of borderline ripe herb and slightly alcoholic top notes but there is red fruit too. On the tongue, the acidity is not too bright, though as the flavour drifts into the finish there is some lip-smacking tartness. The mid-palate flavour-dimension is actually quite nice and below the sour is just enough sweet. This isn’t a wine I’d recommend, but it is quite drinkable.
2005 Croix (des), Bourgogne Pinot NoirFeb. 2011
Popped and poured. Still a relatively deep, purple-highlighted colour. The very faint background reduction mixes with a little oak and higher-toned alcoholic notes – that could be a little CO2 – let’s see. Slowly that slightly volatile element calms with, first, high-toned redcurrant then raspberry as the aromatic profile becomes more settled. Fine, soft tannin, slightly plush with a very silky texture. Really good pinot flavour and again an oaky impression plus a little creamy depth in the mid-palate. Really fills the mouth but with dimension rather and acid-driven expansion. Super. Wait a couple of hours and the oak/reduction is on a lower level and the nose is both deeper and darker. And the flavour, well it rather recedes – it’s still there and still interesting but you have to chew harder on the tannin to find it – still without the dimension of its early phase. Just very good young wine with a quality level bearing no resemblance to its label. Day 2?: The nose is now about blackberry/blackcurrant. The palate is a little unusual as it starts wide but narrows very quickly – the cream undertow is back and the fruit is darker than the first day, but it is almost cordial-like – far too easy to drink!
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