Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Pataille Sylvain, Bourgogne Le ChapitreMar. 2012
Medium-plus colour. The nose is hard to love at the start – it seems more like cola than wine – with time the cola slowly transforms to a musky, smoky, creamy red-black, almost blue fruit. Good concentration, plenty of freshness too. This wine is almost textured from the tannin but there’s hardly any astringency. Surprisingly (after the nose) this is far from the easy and sweet vernacular of 2009, it is a serious wine and I wouldn’t touch another for at least three years.
2002 Bouvier René, Bourgogne Le ChapitreNov. 2004
Medium colour. Sweet, high-toned fruit on the nose and for a short time a little modest oak too. The palate is also sweet, showing very good acidity and noticeable, but smooth tannin. A well made but modest Bourgogne.
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