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2009 Leflaive, Bourgogne BlancDec. 2010
Hints of yellow & green fruit. Nicely full, good acidity and ripe pear flavour in the mid-palate followed by stony flavour that lasts very well. Nice wine.
2009 Roulot Guy, Bourgogne BlancDec. 2010
A blend of several plots from within Meursault if not the appellation – but each plot touches on ‘villages Meursault’ plots. There is nice depth, and a clean-cut impression. A width of very pretty flavours, good focus and nice acidity. This would be a really super buy.
2009 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Starts a hint musty (the glass?) but becomes sweet and creamy. I returned to it after the rest of the whites – no must – I’m sure it’s the glass. Nice enough wine and there’s an unexpectedly good finish – would be a decent choice!
2008 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Higher-toned. There’s more density too, but still a hint of must dovetails with the sweet fruit. Lovely flavours; the richer sweetness of 2008 mixed with its super acidity – I like!
2007 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Also still some must. Lovely sweet flavours again, and despite vintage the acidity is rather understated. Almost good this.
2008 Dublère, Bourgogne BlancJul. 2010
Cuvée Millerandes. Fresh with a super-intense core of fruit. Plenty of acidity but it has the foil of a rippling width of flavour. Stony fruit in the mid-palate. One critic ordered 6 cases after tasting this – I ordered a more modest one, which was clearly a mistake as they lasted only 2 months – then the domaine was sold out! One of the bourgognes of the vintage.
2008 Ropiteau Frères, Bourgogne BlancApr. 2010
A little oak toast mingles with the high tones. There’s a small burst of interest in the mouth, but this is essentially a little flat. Okay…
1999 Roulot Guy, Bourgogne BlancMar. 2010
2001 Leflaive, Bourgogne BlancMar. 2010
Medium-plus yellow colour. The nose had plenty of struck match and savoury elements – even intruding on the (quite) big flavours. Initially seemed a little too fat. I decanted and returned after 3 hours. Smooth interesting and fruit driven aromas, the struck match is gone and the balance is better – or maybe my palate is better! It’s a concentrated and ripe impression – high quality.
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