Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Mikulski François, Bourgogne AligoteJan. 2012
A strong core of fruit aroma. Likewise there’s a good centre of acidity here and a crystalline aspect to the fruit. This is an good wine with none of overly savoury aspects that Aligoté can sometimes deliver.
2009 Dubreuil-Fontaine, Bourgogne AligoteApr. 2011
The nose is quite high-toned for the grape – some apple and pear rather than the more common savoury notes. Full and, actually, rather long finishing – if anything it might e a bit too full, but a good start to the day!
2007 Ente Arnaud, Bourgogne AligoteFeb. 2011
Medium lemon-yellow colour. The nose has a little of that aligoté savouriness and quite some depth to it’s concentrated core of fruit. I sense CO2 on the palate – I’ll let it aerate a little. Hmm, returning I have the aromatic impression of walking through tall, golden late summer grass plus a hint of cream. Lovely acid balance brings freshness but nothing tart, Clean, very pretty, laser-like flavours that include an occasional flash of cream that then quickly fall-away before holding onto an understated note, A very accomplished wine, regardles of grape!
2009 Boisset Jean-Claude, Bourgogne AligoteJan. 2011
Bottled after 12 months and shows just a hint of oak on the nose to go with a whiff of clean fruit. Wide with quite nice energy and a lovely core of lingering flavour. Rather good considering it followed a 1er Cru Puligny!
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Bourgogne AligoteDec. 2010
Very pretty fruit-driven aromas. For this level the mid-palate depth is good and the flavours linger very well. Nice entry-level wine.
2009 Lafarge Michel, Bourgogne AligoteDec. 2010
Cuvée Raisin de la Grappe d’Or. From 75 year-old vines.The nose has a lovely width – more fruit than savoury. Round in the mouth, the flavour and concentration slowly creep up on you becoming quite wide in the mid-palate.
2008 Buisson-Charles, Bourgogne AligoteJul. 2010
18 months of elevage! Patrick thinks this more concentrated than the 2009. Ex-domaine this was only €6 – what a shame it is (long-time) sold-out. This is a hint creamy smelling and very complex! There is minerality and nervosité here, backed by lovely flavour, extension into the mid-palate and finally just the right amount of richness to lift this from compelling to covetable! An aligoté that is worth a special search – shame they are sold out at the domaine.
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Bourgogne AligoteJul. 2010
Medium-pale greeny-yellow. The nose has impact and depth – super – savoury undertones and a dried pineapple. The first sips make me think to grapefruit, mainly because it seems under-sugared – slowly either it mellows or I become less sensitive – I expect it is the latter! Lovely freshness with a hint of peach and a good texture too. The finish is understated but retains some sneaky flavour. I enjoyed this in a slightly masochistic way and perhaps a year or two will allow this to mellow a little.
2007 Boisset Jean-Claude, Bourgogne AligoteJul. 2009
From vines between St.Aubin and Chassagne-Montrachet that were picked 21st September at 12.5°, and raised in 25% new oak. Light colour. The aromas are high-toned yet savoury – like only aligoté seems to achieve. Seems nicely intense and shows super energy. Good flavour and length – what is not to like? – super.
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