Why Big Red Diary?
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1996 Château Chorey-les-Beaune - Germain, Beaune Les TeuronsNov. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is wide, and reasonably deep – lovely warm red fruit aromas that are edged with a little green seasoning – eventually the nose fills with floral top-notes too, aromatically this gets better and better, peaking after about 90 minutes. In the mouth there’s good acidity and extra density, hence, texture too after the Mugnier. Much less ‘ephemeral’ than the Mugnier but here is much more flavour and dimension, indeed there’s a core of density that implies a few more years are required to fully unwind it. Lovely wine. Very drinkable in this format today, but clearly it’s still a baby.
2000 Morot Albert, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
More baked fruit aromas but the nose remains forward and fresh. Quite silky, tighter than the 2002, the structure still announces itself quite late though there is less of it. Here I find a little floral addition to the fruit.
2007 Bouchard Père et Fils, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
A domaine wine. Medium cherry-red colour. Wide, slightly diffuse but certainly perfumed red fruit aromas. In the mouth it’s a nice, not too ripe fruit that’s delivered with good texture that has a velvet feel. It’s a long (oak) tannin-led finish. A very good, slightly too young 2007.
2006 Cauvard, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. Complex, dark aroma notes give way to warm, baking red fruits. Mouthfilling, ripe and sweet giving an impression of velvet. The fruit is not the most stylish – just a hint of esters – but the overall package is rather drinkable.
2008 Château Chorey-les-Beaune - Germain, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
Denser, deeper red fruit aromas after the Vignes-Franches. Much more intensity but it is matched by more tannic structure. Not a brute but certainly a wine to lay down.
2005 Château Chorey-les-Beaune - Germain, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. Wide with deep dark-red, fresh fruit. Again silky, then more velvet as the tannin builds. Perfect acidity and intensity though this also very tight.
2007 Morot Albert, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
Very fruity – a wide red fruit horizon. Depth of concentrated, almost jammy fruit – lower acidity after the 2008 – but intense and mineral too, particularly the finish. This is super for an 07.
2002 Morot Albert, Beaune Les TeuronsJul. 2010
This shows a lovely mix of bright and precise berries and currants. Mouth-filling concentration, just enough acidity and full of flavour. It’s a joy to drink now.. Dark-edged fruit, the structure comes in quite late in the mid-palate to make the point that you’ve called early – but the demeanour remains friendly…
1999 Jadot Louis, Beaune Les TeuronsApr. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour – and quite young looking colour at that! The nose has minerality, tar and eventaully candied red berries. Real intensity and mouth-watering acidity define the wine today, yet there is a hint of fat before the acidity takes over, that dissuades you from chewing to inspect the tannin! Long, mineral flavours with and edge of sweetness. Drinkable but très young!
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