Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Croix (des), Beaune Les GrèvesJan. 2012
The nose shows depth, width and complexity – of fruit – a totally different animal to the previous wine, eventually also delivering a floral aroma too. Silken entry, this is round and concentrated, and like the Le Moine also delivers a bitter-chocolate tannin in the finish – the first obvious oak artefact. Very lovely wine – you would be hard pressed to guess the vintage.
2008 Vougeraie, Beaune Les GrèvesMar. 2011
Not much of this is made. I really like the authority of the nose. Dimension, tension and intensity – lovely. The flavour manages to grow even more in the mid-palate – super!
2009 Boisset Jean-Claude, Beaune Les GrèvesJan. 2011
Eighty percent new oak. The aromas need coaxing from the glass; no oak just silky dark fruit. Velvet textuire and very concentrated – this is one big hill of flavour that decays oh-so slowly. Superb!
2008 Remoissenet Père et Fils, Beaune Les GrèvesOct. 2010
There’s a core of tight red fruit on the nose. This has plenty of tannin but also is underpinned by lovely fruit. Well-judged acidity too.
2008 Croix (des), Beaune Les GrèvesJul. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose shows a faint savoury edge but little else for at least an hour, swirl madly a there’s dark but tight core of fruit with faint oak seasoning. Given plenty of time (2+hours) the nose shows a little inky depth before sticking with a glossy dark red/black fruit personality, only the last drops have a pure redcurrant essence. The palate starts just a little tart, but within 30 minutes it’s opened a little addng both texture and sweetness of fruit – from the start it is intense but it’s a linear intensity. For the life of the bottle it never quite fulfils it’s potential – the acidity remains just-about in balance (sorbet-like), and despite its intensity the wine offers only a very linear experience – even on day two. Everything seems in place, but I don’t know how long we might have to wait to see a ‘wow’.
2007 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les GrèvesJul. 2010
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour – almost a 2008-level of colour. The aromas are an interesting and complex blend of barrel notes and perfectly ripe fruit. Mouth-filling and showing plenty of tannin – dark flavoured fruit too for an 07. Here’s an 07 masquerading as an 08 – well, until you taste the 08!
2008 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les GrèvesJul. 2010
Dark colour. The fruit aromas are not too sweet and have a menthol accent. The ripe, sweet fruit is well buffered by the acidity. Some power and intensity is evident here.
2008 Drouhin Joseph, Beaune Les GrèvesJul. 2010
A nice, bright medium colour. Understated but very fine and precise fruit aromas. Fresh, wide, intense and complex. Very faint hints of vanilla. Wow – lovely wine – super.
2008 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les GrèvesApr. 2010
Dark, less sweet aromas, perhaps a faint menthol in the background. Ripe, sweet fruit flavours that offer a perfect buffer to the acidity. Certainly some power and intensity here. Quite a big Beaune.
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