Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Ardhuy, Beaune Les Champs PimontJul. 2010
Only just bottled. Medium colour. Very red fruited with a creamy depth. The width and intensity belies the not so intense colour – again it is very red fruit. The finish has less width than the 2009 but it holds very well.
2006 Ardhuy, Beaune Les Champs PimontJul. 2010
Medium colour. The aromas begin quite narrow, slowly adding width and a little muscle in the glass, eventually the creamy padding emerges too. The palate shows width and some silky texture. The tannin is today slightly blocky but the wine is quite supple.. Very good.
2007 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les Champs PimontJul. 2010
Medium colour. Like the Grèves, this is an interesting blend of barrel and fruit notes – you look forward to the next sniff – yet it doesn’t seem to show any different character. Also plenty of tannin in this wine, but it seems ripe enough so will eventually fade from view. Good as it is, other than the colour I found not enough differentiation between this and their Grèves.
2008 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les Champs PimontJul. 2010
Also quite dark colour. The welcoming nose is open showing a herbal accent to the ripe fruit. Plenty of tannin but good intensity of extract that balances very well. Very good.
2008 Prieur Jacques, Beaune Les Champs PimontApr. 2010
The nose is open and welcoming, showing ripe fruit and hints of herbs. There’s plenty of tannin here, but good fat too. Very well balanced wine here.
2006 Bichot Albert, Beaune Les Champs PimontDec. 2009
Medium cherry-red. High-toned perfume of crunchy cherry-fruit eventually a little creamy oak. There is good width and an edge of fat to the texture too. A creamy vanilla-oak barrel note runs through the core of this and into the mid-palate. Medium, slightly peppery tannin and a good length. For my taste this needs a little cellar time to both round out and to reduce the barrel flavour, but it’s ripe, sweet and tasty already today, and was a very good price.
2007 Ardhuy, Beaune Les Champs PimontJul. 2009
Medium colour. The nose shows a little ‘brown sugar’ oak (Carel – “the oak is Alliers; more for aromatic character than structure”) over finer red berry aromas. Good fat, but the acidity is very well judged. The tannin stands a little proud, but the wine was only bottled the previous week. It finishes very well, and with only a trace of oak character.
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