Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Croix (des), Beaune Cent VignesJul. 2010
Medium colour. Here’s a nose with something to say; faint spearmint above very, very pretty red fruit that’s eventually augmented by the perfume of violets – far from over the top, but captivating – the mint eventually becoming just a suggestion of herbs. In the mouth there’s a sorbet-edge to the acidity and understated red fruit – delicate and complex. It seems to fade relatively quickly but holds on well to a final mineral note. The tannin is only there if you search it out, very faintly astringent. This is an achingly pretty wine that blind, who’s to say it’s not from Volnay…
2008 Roche de Bellene, Beaune Cent VignesJul. 2010
“Forty year old vines from the mid-slope, more tanninc than higher up but very pure.” Plenty of pretty, pure fruit on the nose. Lovely texture of velvet from the tannin dovetails fresh fruit. This is quite long. Good wine.
2006 Seguin Manuel, Beaune Cent VignesJul. 2008
A cuvée made since 2005 from 40 year-old vines. Aromatically wide with delicate red fruits. Ripe and sweet yet retaining super acidity. Another nice burst of interest before the finish – lovely fruit.
1997 Jacob Lucien, Beaune Cent VignesAug. 2007
A wide and interesting nose of red fruit that largely avoids roast notes. High-toned in the mouth, concentrated and somehow masculine. Plenty of ripe tannin and good depth. Also very good in this vintage
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