Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Ramonet Noel, Bâtard-MontrachetMay. 2011
Again high-toned, there’s a floral depth here and some lightly toasted bread. Rich and silky, indeed mouth-coating. There is impressive depth yet this wine remains light on its feet – some stony fruit in the finish. Love…
2009 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2011
Fuller on the nose – there’s quite some authority here. There is more gras but this is far from a heavy Bâtard. Flavour ingrains in your palate – the more you want, the more you get, it’s just a matter of how long you can keep it in your mouth. This wine is very impressive indeed.
2009 Leroux Benjamin, Bâtard-MontrachetMar. 2011
From Chassagne side. Owned by ‘the maison’ – everything’s done by a metayer “but done well.” The aromas are a little loose-knit. That said, this is very wide and has achingly long finishing flavours. Not showing at its best today.
2000 Romanée-Conti, Bâtard-MontrachetMar. 2011
The forward nose delivers a whiff of iodine over many savoury notes. Plenty of texture here, the acidity remains rather understated. Fruit seems to be of the preserved variety – some pear perhaps – that said, this is a savoury and very mineral wine which has little to do with fruit. Interesting but not a wine I would covet.
2009 Pernot Paul, Bâtard-MontrachetJan. 2011
The nose is round with a clear floral note in the middle. Full and round with a dense mid-palate that’s carried by a (citric) acidity. This wine has plenty to say; more open than the Bienvenues and with a stronger if not longer finish.
2009 Leflaive, Bâtard-MontrachetDec. 2010
A little less floral, more depth. Full again in the mouth – there is power and energy here – but beautiful balance. A lovely river of mouth-watering flavours.
2008 Leflaive Olivier, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
Plenty of oak on the nose, but it’s a long way from being too much. I find a little petillance which perhaps drives the good dimensions of flavour – though it’s mainly oak-influenced flavour. After the last wine, I can only say ‘almost good’.
2008 Boillot Jean-Marc, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
A mix of oak and perfume – no really – I don’t think it was the person standing next to me! Not too fat, good freshness and intensity. Good if unremarkable – except for the perfume!
2008 Picard Michel, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
Here is a very ‘together’ nose, understated but very elegant. Ripe and sweet, some fat too. The flavour is more about fruit-stones than fruit. Intense and long finishing. Very good wine.
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