Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Javillier Patrick, Aloxe-CortonMay. 2011
This has a nice violet-flower aroma with a few hints of reduction below. There is width, some intensity and certainly more than one dimension of flavour – it lingers very well too. A fine villages.
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Aloxe-CortonDec. 2010
The nose holds a deep red note. The palate is reasonably wide and is coupled to supple tannin – actually this seems to get wider and wider! Subtly long a lovely wine that’s already sold-out at the domaine.
2008 Chapuis Maurice, Aloxe-CortonOct. 2010
Fresh, fine red berry and currant nose. Good power offsets the acidity, considerable though it is. The underlying tannin is well masked.
2008 Meuneveaux, Aloxe-CortonOct. 2010
Appealing soft fruit – very aromatic. Good fresh acidity, lovely width and finish.
2006 Tollot-Beaut, Aloxe-CortonDec. 2008
The nose is less effusive than the Champs-Chevery, though perhaps deeper. In the mouth there’s good concentration though the fruit is less obviously ripe as the last wine. Good balanced and a great finish.
2005 Tollot-Beaut, Aloxe-CortonNov. 2007
A nicely wide nose. High-toned, middle-weight sweet red fruit in the mouth. Lovely but too easily forgettable…
2005 Bouchard Père et Fils, Aloxe-CortonApr. 2007
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose starts very red, ripe and forward, slowly becoming more interesting – coffee and cinnamon edged. Fresh and sweet, the wine expands in the mouth – nicely lingering flavours. The tannin is very well covered. A very successful and super value wine – heartily recommended.
1976 Tollot-Beaut, Aloxe-CortonDec. 2006
Clean and bright, medium, medium-plus colour – a mahogany rim but clearly still a ruby-red core. From opening this was just a little monolithic on the nose; faint baked fruit and a savoury undercurrent. If you wait – over 1 hour – the nose tightens to a very nice and tight powdery red fruit impression The palate is surprisingly plush and intense – it’s hard to keep hold of the wine, as your mouth starts watering in response to the acidity. I’m very impressed by the balance here. Slowly some sweetness builds to counterbalance an edge of tartness in the finish. The tannins are still there and quite chewy. This is a surprisingly robust and healthy wine – just like the label says, this is a village wine so no real fireworks or mind-bending length, but it’s always interesting to drink a wine that was harvested around your 14th birthday!
1999 Gay Michel, Aloxe-CortonSep. 2006
Medium red, still with a twist of cherry colour. The nose bounds from the glass, wide, quite high-toned and with a sweet cooked apple centre. Rather forward acidity that needs just a little helping density than is apparent. The flavour is found from the mid-palate onwards but mingles with slightly bitter tannin. Length is good, just a suggest of dried currants. Reading this note, I think I’ve made the wine sound less appealing than in reality it was, but overall it seems to need a little more density to balance the structure – perhaps it has already peaked(?)
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