Why Big Red Diary?
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2005 Pavillon, Aloxe-Corton Clos des MaréchaudesApr. 2007
Almost opaque. A little too much reduction on the nose to get at what lies below – I didn’t stay long enough with the glass to get more. Very well textured with floods of flavour running alongside very good acidity. There is so much joie-de vivre here – this is the perfect example why I often buy Aloxe to drink young!
2004 Pavillon, Aloxe-Corton Clos des MaréchaudesMar. 2006
Even more mineral nose than the Pommard Ursulines – hints of cedar over a tight base of fruit. Very good acidity, it’s a very fresh presentation – too fresh(?) The Pommard that preceded it was both friendlier and riper. Despite the tannin also hinting at a little greenness this is very drinkable and has good length.
2003 Pavillon, Aloxe-Corton Clos des MaréchaudesMar. 2005
A deeply coloured wine. The nose is rather closed, but the palate has a lovely covering of ripe, black-shaded fruit that has an extra burst on the finish.
2002 Pavillon, Aloxe-Corton Clos des MaréchaudesMar. 2005
The nose is a little alcoholic. Very nice satin texture, complex fruit, good acidity – well structured.
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