Why Big Red Diary?
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Vintage information 1988:

Nice small grapes and ripe but with very thick skins. The reds were strict even 10 years later, some developing volatiles and menthol notes.

1988 Bouchard Père et Fils, Le CortonNov. 2018
Hmm wide a hint of sous bois bit more flowers. Lovely depth. Hmm a direct wine, a sleek wine, fine textured, long, layered finishing – hyper elegant corton, delicious too, and not lacking any depth. A super 88 vs those of my memory…
1988 Billard Gabriel, PommardApr. 2010
Wide, earthy, leafy aromatics. Sweet but not too sweet fruit, still with plenty of fine, astringent tannin. Lots of earthy flavour here. This is lovely.
1988 Gros Anne, RichebourgApr. 2010
Magnum. I’m not sure if Anne had anything to do with this wine, but it wears her label. An aromatic ‘wow’; exciting, fresh, herbal – very complex. Really mouthfilling. Tannic and wide with deep fruits – clearly still a baby!
1988 Taupenot-Merme, Charmes-ChambertinApr. 2010
Sweet aromas that remain fresh despite a hint of mushroom. Silky, plenty of fat and still with a slug of ripe tannin. Good in the mid-palate too – this is very good.
1988 Dubois R et Fils, Nuits St.Georges Les Porrets St.GeorgesApr. 2010
The colour is heading towards amber. Sweet fruit aromas, backed with a little volatile acidity. Energetic in the mouth, but still with quite some tannic astringency – I’d suggest waiting a couple of years ;-)
1988 Giroud Camille, Chambolle-Musigny Les CharmesApr. 2010
Medium colour. The nose starts in that Italian (many years in barrel) botti vernacular, it really needs at least an hour for that to fade, below it builds a core of dried fruits, above is some faintly volatile floral notes. In the mouth there’s a cushioned, slightly padded level of tannin and a very interesting intensity of mature fruit flavours in the mid-plate. The finish is understated but long. Interesting rather than ‘great’, but very much enjoyed.
1988 Bouchard Père et Fils, Le CortonMar. 2010
Hmm I had this two years ago – but at Bouchard. This also starts with quite leafy aromas of undergrowth. Much narrower, this ripples its muscles right from the outset, never really softening up – I only had it in my glass for 30 minutes. The core is of sweet, dark red fruit. Overall mineral and long, but probably drunk 20 years too soon
1988 Bouchard Père et Fils, Le CortonApr. 2008
Deeply coloured at the core. Wide and savoury aromatics that give the impression that you are about to meet a tannic beast. Actually the tannin only comes through quite late as you get to the finish – before that it’s silky-smooth. Eventually red berries start to appear on the nose. Black-edged fruit is the main palate component. Long but faintly so. Certainly more youthful than you would expect at 20 years, I would say that it needs about 5 more years in a standard cellar to start to enter its maturity phase.
1988 Maume, Mazis-ChambertinApr. 2008
On opening, the cork and head-space was a 10 out of 10 textbook example of ‘corked’, so much so that it wasn’t poured until later, when surprise, surprise: Medium ruby. The nose is a mineral but with a savoury depth. More mineral than any of the other wines with an interesting width and still plenty of tannin. The creamy finish lingers well, though stylistically very different to the other bottles. Vintage or cork makes the difference? – I detected no cork…
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