Why Big Red Diary?
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Vintage information 1948:

I've only ever tasted the Bouchard Chevalier - and it was a wine I'll never forget - they described it as coming only from an 'average' vintage...
"Average for whites (very good for Chablis). Very good and delicate reds."

1948 Bouchard Père et Fils, Chevalier-MontrachetApr. 2008
From a merely ‘average’ vintage. Possibly recorked twice but otherwise never moved in almost 60 years. The wonder of an old wine – deep colour, almost orange – it must be oxidised right? The nose is deep and truffle-laden but not a hint of oxidation. The aromas are those of your favourite woollen pullover, a little faint hard cheese and eventually creme brulee. The palate also shows a truffle flavour and an immense length. The texture is soft though there’s just a sharpness to the leading edge of the acidity, but what follows is perfection. For 3 hours this grew and grew in the glass, both aromatically and from a flavour perspective, not even a hint of oxidation. Based on comments from the other tables this was very consistent from bottle to bottle. Possibly the greatest wine I ever drank – a privilege.
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