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week 47’s ‘rogues’ gallery

Four days of visits last week – a couple of first appointment Côte de Beaune domaines, but then deep into the Côte de Nuits. The 2016 White Burgundy Report was published last week, and I’m projecting 18-20 December for the 2016 Red Burgundy Report. I’m now back in Switzerland for 10 days, so chance to get a good start on typing those reports 🙂

Have a great weekend…

2016 White Burgundy Report

There are 550 wines in this issue, 400 of them in the White Report but there’s also plenty of Moulin à Vent & Central Otago pinot noir too. Want to see what you might be missing? Check out my 2014 White Burgundy Report – now free for all…

the chorey chicane and moody morey (mainly)…

No frost in Beaune again but definitely minus on the roads outside of town – I don’t know if that was the excuse of the upside-down car in Chorey-lès-Beaune – there’s not much of chicane there!

More patchy mist/fog this morning, not so much between Beaune and Vougeot, but thereafter plenty. By 10 a.m. the fading mist and the light made me go photo-mad – I took dozens – just a few here for you! Visits today in Morey, Chambolle, Nuits and Fixin – so a few pics along the way…

a view from gevrey…

It was as misty this morning as it was yesterday – but without the ice on my windscreen – 3°C. On the positive side, by about 1pm, the mist had largely given way to a nice blue sky – perfect for a little wander around Gevrey – mainly the Côte St.Jacques – before my 2pm appointment.

I noted that some really heavy work was underway in Poissenot/Estournelles St.Jacques – seemingly renovating/carving out tiers from the very top near the trees – there is quite some surface under construction with earth-movers here. The soil is thin and light here, it’s mainly limestone – such that a few generations ago it was though perfect to make white wine – of-course the appellation contrôlée didn’t like that, so it was mandated that the vines had to be ripped-out and replaced with pinot noir – the last of those plantings were pulled out towards the end of the 1960s…

mainly vosne…

For the first time this winter, much scraping of the ice from my car windshield, before a quick visit to Savigny. Thereafter a couple of visits in Vosne-Romanée (the pics), before finishing my day in Aloxe…

domaine leflaive – info in your inbox

Lots of websites allow you to subscribe to an email-list with future info shipped direct to your inbox – though few actually deliver much (this site included :)) – but Leflaive keep sending stuff. You can get it too, if interested, in which case you should be prompted if you go here. (No affiliation!)

sunday: a film première and a wine auction – but not in that order!

That a record value for the 157th Hospices de Beaune wine sale was achieved was never in doubt, such was the extra volume of wine that was ‘donated’ by the 2017 vintage. There hasn’t been a volume of wine like this for sale since either 2011 or 2009, or in some places since 1999 – it just depends on where you want to look. The yields were around 40–42 hl/ha for the reds and 48–50 hl/ha for the whites – whilst this is much more than most recent vintages, it was within the permitted maximums.

The Domaine of the Hospices now runs to 61 hectares and in 2017 offered at least 49 cuvées for the sale. The hammer-price total achieved by the barrel sales today was well over 11 million Euros – that’s €13,529,301 with commissions – which beats the record established in 2015 by over €2 million! The extra total was volume-related versus 2015, as the average, per-cuvée, price decreased versus that vintage, but it was still higher than in 2016.

  • Here is a list of the ‘top lots.’ (pdf)
  • On a per barrel basis, the wine was cheaper in 2017 than in the previous ‘record year’ of 2015, but as you can see, still higher than in 2016:
    Vintage Sale Total € millions Price per barrel* Number of barrels
    2015 €11.3 million €18,880 575
    2016 8.4 million 13,833 596
    2017 13.5 million 16,657 787

    *Ex Christies, without commissions…

But a film? I hear you say.

Yes indeed! This was a showing tonight, in Beaune, of a 98% completed version, and I think it a great portrait of a number of growers, looking at their last, very difficult, 18 months or-so in the vines, plus a little insight into the Trois Glorieuses. Well done Scott Wright and David Baker – it will be worth your time, whenever and wherever it is eventually released:

Three Days of Glory Teaser from SlipstreamCinema on Vimeo.


No, they haven’t planted a new cepage in Marsannay!

It’s great to taste different styles to keep your horizons open. Inspired by ami-du-vin Jean-François Guyard of vinifera-mundi.ch – and largely of wines from his own cellar – we got together on Wednesday evening with the same group of Marsannay vignerons as this tasting [subscribers] earlier this year. Laurent Fournier hosted us, Isabelle Collotte fed us, and Martin Bart, Bernard Bouvier and Sylvain Pataille helped with the drinking!

No notes from me, but you can check the bottles above – we had a lot of fun – despite that I had to spit as I was heading back to my bed in Beaune!

autumn 2017 tastevinage – and the winners are…

I joined this tasting with over 200 other judges back in September. 1045 wines were tasted blind, and from that number, 17 wines were chosen as ‘The Majors.’ The seventeen were announced yesterday, and these are wines that were not just rated as good enough to take the Tastevinage label, they were our ‘best of the best’ picks from this tasting:

Image courtesy of the Tastevinage organisers…

marko de morey’s roi chambertin tasting gallery – 16 november

week 46’s ‘rogues’ gallery

More visits to savour this week, mopping up the last few domaines that major in white – that report will appear in the next days – while starting in earnest to make my way into the Côte de Nuits…

4 days of pics in the côtes

From Tuesday to Friday – allover the place:

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