Why Big Red Diary?

shrubbery and grand crus…

Easy to guess today – even without the manicured gardens – where else will you taste Chevalier, Chevalier Cabotte and Montrachet side-by-side?

Tasted for the first time with new winemaker Frederic Weber…

98 roty mazy, plus mountains of (iPad?) typing

The recent 2000 Trapet Chambertin was really fine, but overall, this was just a little better…
1998 Roty, Mazy-Chambertin
Deep but round nose of fine and ripe red fruit – only the merest suggestion of some leafy maturity. In the mouth this is full and well-textured, showing just a little plushness. There is still a little 1998 anecdote but this tannin has largely faded into the mix. Complex and very moreish – this was simply a delicious wine – as such it was consumed very quickly.
Rebuy – Yes
The domaine tell me I won’t be disappointed if I drink my 2000 Griotte with my Christmas lunch – maybe I should put Ponsot and Drouhin side-by-side(?)!

Anyway, I can only say – Ouf! – I seem to have a nice list of producer visits (building) for the next report (Domaine 2013 reds) but hopefully I’ll soon make some time to actually type my notes. So far I have resisted the electronic approach to note-taking (iPad seems most ‘useful’ in a cellar) because I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up when trying to type, instead of scribble-down, vigneron(ne) quotes.

I’ll see how long I can last with this double-work approach – but I can see a new year resolution in the making…

forgotten fruit, going deep and sunshine…

Just another day in Beaune:

rain, gros, tart, mist and sunset…

Just about everything in one day!

Soaking rain when I arrived at AF Gros this morning, only fading a little by late morning when I visited one of the most impressive estates in Burgundy – maybe for the last time with Sylvain Pitiot – but he lives in Beaune, so maybe there’s a chance to keep in touch.

By about 15h00, the sun was finally breaking through – the colour of Autumn is mainly gone now, but the misty scenes of Autumn are fine replacements. With about 14°C this afternoon it’s hard to believe that this time last year it was -°C with snow on the ground – that reminds me – it’s probably time to swap to my winter tyres!!!

a quiet day in the côtes…

Plenty of visits plus shopping for ingredients for Christmas cakes.

Every day is different ;-)

2013 white burgundy report – now online

Now online here: 10-2014-burgundy-report-extra

a structural shift in burgundy?

Interesting, if something of a re-hash (others might say ‘building upon’) the recent piece by Jancis (1 month ago) that I recommended here.

above average weekend wines…

There were only two – but when not going for quantity, what else is one to do? ;-)

The ‘Gevrey was just perfect; only medium bodied but supple, open and super complex with a nose to die for – wines like this really don’t last very long.

So what about a ‘Chablis‘? Here is another wine that just hit the spot. This wine seems to defy aging, rather it just adds a twist more complexity to the nose each time I revisit. It remains a gorgeous thing…

And watch out – later today, my 2013 White Burgundy, EXTRA! report…

very rare birds…


Perhaps I should save the word ‘dregs’ for another sentence, but here are the last drops of 2013 Musigny and 2013 Montrachet. It was a very good end to the week’s tastings…

living the dream…

Well, what a difference – Beaune tonight @ 23h00 – nobody!

It’s cool and a little shivery though – or maybe that’s just me, not yet quite recovered from my lunch on Monday. The food tasted great, the people were a hoot – and the wines? Well, at some point, adjectives lose their impact…

But something disagreed with me though, and I was totally frozen for the next 8 hours – including in bed. I don’t think I can blame that on the wine – though maybe my head today ;-)

Anyway, some nice addresses today, and it goes without saying great wines too, but today I found it easier to spit – ah, living the dream!

Also, finally met up with @winewomansong tonight – it was great to have a bitch about almost everybody – but the poor girl was very tired. I told her to go to bed without wifi. What an old man I am!

Monday lunch:

Some visits today:

beaune on a busy weekend…

I thought the mass of people in Beaune might have peaked yesterday evening, but clearly THE Sunday has another level. So instead of fighting for a place to drink coffee we chose make a walking tour of Meursault, and like any Sunday afternoon in Meursault the place was completely dead – pretty but almost a ghost-town. Still, it meant that I could poke my nose into a few corners and see a few lunch preparations!

There’s been on-and-off rain all weekend, indeed it was pretty heavy on Friday – probably perfect for teasing-out all the snalls from their lairs, because mountains of snails seem to have been consumed in Beaune this weekend – I’m not sure it’s really rain-clouds above, they have a green tinge – I think it’s garlic!

Ah yes, now I remember what’s happening in Beaune!

First, Meursault:

And then I think this is Beaune! :

friday & saturday – busy, busy in beaune…

It’s hard to avoid the crowds in Beaune as you close in on the weekend – is something happening? Today was just manic in the centre. I find it best to try and find a quiet cellar – particularly when it has a nice 62 to taste – oops, I mean drink!!!!



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