Why Big Red Diary?

a brace of weekend le grappins…


2012 Le Grappin, Beaune 1er Les Grèves Blanc
Quite a deep yellow. A round nose but one that’s also a little anonymous. In the mouth, also round, certainly quite tasty, yet, again a little anonymous versus my barrel tasting – lacking drive, energy and character. I suppose this gives me excuse to try another – here are DIAM seals, so it shouldn’t be a cork problem.
Rebuy – No

2012 Le Grappin, Beaune 1er Les Boucherottes
Deeply coloured and already some deposit of tartrate/tannin in the bottle. Unlike the Grèves, here is a full, energetic nose – primary of-course. Likewise in the mouth but here is a wine of depth, weight and some layers of flavour. A finely balanced wine, indeed a fine Beaune!
Rebuy – Yes

sun-dappled sunday…

Already there are some patches of vines that have lost a majority of their leaves – a quick change in the weather-pattern and that could be the case everywhere, but for now, enjoy…
Savigny, Pernand (again) and Corton:

Boisset’s new cuverie – I’m loving the attention to detail… :

A litte high-class Côte de Nuits:

saturday less perfect than friday, but still a privilege…

A super day, but rather cloudy for bringing out the full colour…

a perfect friday…

I’ve been visiting (and now living in) the Côtes for a long time, but I’ve never had such a perfect combination of vineyard colour and perfect skies to capture it…

bgo time…


I guess not many of you are still holding your BGO’s from 1999 – but from the right producers they offer a brilliant surprise!

germain’s 1996 beaune les teurons…


1996 Germain, Beaune 1er Les Teurons
What a surprise! These half bottles have always been a bit too oaky and uninspiring – now, eventually, we have life – and what life it is! There remains more than a hint of oak texture, but now there is a frankly beautiful clarity of fruit – both aromatically and on the palate. Fine acidity and intensity, the tannin texture seems more of oak than grape but this was just a beautiful (3) glass(es).
Rebuy – Yes

Thanks Benoit!

andrée taupenot, 1989 pommard epenots


The 1989. I’m such a big fan of Epenots – maybe too much so – as not much of this bottle remains from yesterday!

Seen Today. Okay, but is Traverse City on the same parallel as Burgundy OR Bordeaux… 😉

week-day castagnier and fourrier ;-)


1996 Guy Castagnier, Clos de Vougeot
Hmm – starts a little disappointing – particularly after a stellar last bottle and a similarly brilliant 97 Clos de la Roche during harvest. The nose is sullen and hints at brett. The flavours are not terrible, but not special either. Day two this has way too much brett and is cloudy. Not really drinkable – yet – it was great in the sauce for my sausages!
Rebuy – No

1999 Fourrier, Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles-Vignes
The cork is soaked beyond right through – a problem with many pre-2002 Fourriers – but the wine seems to have survived; it starts a little stinky/reduced but shaking to reduce the amount of gas (yes, it’s still in there!) improves things very quickly. Now fresh aromas, developed, faintly of leaves though not much fruit. In the mouth, narrow but beautifully mouth-watering flavour that shows an ever-growing width and really pretty layers of flavour – very good texture too. Just one more of these waits in the cellar, but currently this wine is drinking beautifully.
Rebuy – Yes

the latest tastevinage wines…


The list for all those with an interest:

a viennese weekend…

All quiet here over the weekend, but that was because I had to see some horses, some blue sky and a brilliant range of 1985 (mainly) grand crus.
Cheers! 😉

emmental pinot?

Just 20km from my door, what an idyllic place to make a few bottles of wine – eh?

Too much contrast for you to see it, but from the top of this vineyard you could see the snow-covered peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – gorgeoous!

Is there a future for this, or other forum(s)?

WARNING – for me, at least, a long-ish post. And because many people will not follow this discussion if it stays on the Burgundy Report forum, I’m also posting it in my Diary 😉

I guess, as background, some of my experience may be mirrored by others, but…

I stopped with the forum of erobertparker when the junta closed it down – it was mainly closed due to critique, and much of it both unrepeatable and unnecessary, despite the general undertow of brown-nosing – but it was the best ‘meeting place’ I’ve ever known on the web. I paid a small subscription to go back and delete as many of my previous posts as I could (my freely given content) but much had already been archived – one could say stolen…

I started this forum by popular – well at least a dozen people(!) – demand, people who needed a new place ‘to go’. It took some work to set up, and then much more work to weed out and eventually stop the spam. But it seems, to say the very least now, to be in a persistent vegetative state…

I had a dalliance with wineberserkers, but often the tenor of discussion was (is) unpleasant – never to me – but plenty of shilling and self-importance was carried over from erp. I only go there today if somebody specifically points me to a link, or a bunch of people come to Burgundy Report because of a discussion there.

What I have noticed is that a couple of Burgundy-related groups (two, only because the moderators of the first had a fall-out!) on Facebook now have thousands of members and whilst as always it’s a small core of posters, wines and even sometimes tasting-notes, abound. There’s definitely a core of ‘look at me with my Leroy’ posters, who have not that much to say, but I like that it’s a different demographic – many more from China/HK/Singapore et-cetera than the ‘traditional’ fora. Plus, Facebook seems to have an ever finer focus – first, Burgundy Geeks group, then come individual village groups like Vosne-Romanée – I expect it might take longer for somebody to set up a group devoted to Monthèlie!

So, is Facebook the forum for the next years? In the current circumstances, I don’t see much possibility of this particular forum surviving 2016.

But that’s up to you of-course 😉

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