Why Big Red Diary?

a wine diet…

But only because one of these was completely corked!

2014 Nicolas Maillet, Mâcon-Verzé
Another from this case – and just as good as the first!
A full, ripe, but fresh yellow citrus nose. Fuller of energy and flavour too – such a great balance to these 2014s – Love, and too quickly drunk!
Rebuy – Yes!

2009 David Clark, Bourgogne Au Pelson
A great looking cork, but…
What is this dirty nose, growing in dirty power – it is TCA – I won’t be drinking that then! I think a few more lay in the cellar, but it was easier to find this:

2012 des Varoilles, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Clos des Varoilles
Bang! What a great nose – I needn’t have worried about whether this wine was closed or not! Still some aromatic oak spice but beautiful fruit – even a little blue-skinned fruit in the mix – yes! In the mouth there’s decent acidity to balance layers of fine flavour – the oak still subtly present but it’s almost closed the door behind itself! Delicious wine, like that of Nicolas Maillet – too easy to drink. Excellent!
Rebuy – Yes

tastevinage v103 – the results

Last Friday was the 103rd Tastevinage tasting – the invitation came late, so I was in Beaujolais! However, here is the result of the jury’s deliberation.

689 wines were presented, from which 229 were deemed good enough to take the Tastevinage label. You can find these 229 here.


I tasted a lot of Beaujolais Blanc last week, and I must say that I feel fortunate to have been tasting this wine from the 2017 vintage – as, all-over Burgundy, the wines are more approachable in this vintage – and for both colours – because of that I found some good ones! But a large proportion of the wines were sealed with Nomacorc and my experience of these has been truly awful – dead wines in less than 1 year kind-of awful. I understand that there may have been some improvements to the ‘current model’ but I still remain quite shocked by the level of use.

They will have to go to some extreme lengths to prove to me that wines sealed this way are something I should buy! I also note, in what seems like a stroke of marketing genius, they are changing the name of their Nomacorc website – www.nomacorc.com – to something that you could never, ever, guess:

My petite whinge du jour is now over…

the visits – week 12 2019…

Above the ‘lucky’ winemakers I managed to visit last week on a whirlwind tour of practically the whole of (greater) Burgundy – I missed a little Mâcon, but there were representatives from the Auxerrois, Chablis, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, Côte de Chalonnais and the Beaujolais. 100 wines tasted blind too.

Included were some well-known faces that I couldn’t fit in at the end of last year, 8 new domaines – first visits – for me, plus blind tastings of Vézelay, Irancy and Beaujolais Blanc. Hyper interesting, and as a partner-piece to my tasting, last year, of 2017-2006 Chablis with DIAM seals, last week I did similar with screw-caps – in this case comparing with their cork-sealed analogues – most intriguing results too! All in the March Report…

offer of the day – the market for 2017s

This offer came around once again – 6 months later from the same source.

It’s interesting to see how the market, at least for this vintage/producer and in this geographical location, is working:

  • All the reds are still available.
  • The Bourgogne Blanc and all the Meursaults are still available.
  • Half of the Pulignys are gone – there remains just the villages, the Perrières and the Clos de la Mouchère
  • Corton-Charlemagne is still available
  • All the Hyphen-Montrachets, and the Montrachet, are gone…

Interesting that only the most expensive whites are gone – though maybe this reflects that only a tiny quantity of wines that were available at this level…(?)

more pictures…

Views from the Côtes of Chalonnais, Beaune and Nuits today:

tourist-board photos of poilly-sur-serein

My first time there yesterday morning – it’s nice place but there’s only one shop and no café!

There are a number of Chablis producers in the village – all but one supplying exclusively to the Chablisienne – the one that doesn’t will be in my March report!

some weekend wines – week 11 2019

Shock – almost forgot to post this!

2015 Alain Geoffroy, Chablis 1er Bearoy
Beauroy is rarely the most interesting of the 1ers – the extra clay here bring more roundness to the wines – but whatever – this 2015 was singing.
Fresh on the nose, some riper citrus for sure. In the mouth, it could only come from Chablis – plenty of salinity the giveaway. Delicious tasty wine that costs not a lot. Excellent!
Rebuy – Yes

2017 Seguinot-Bordet, Chablis 1er Fourchaume
Clearly there’s a little more zip to this more open and fresh nose – still a ripe citrus aroma, but somehow leaner. This is exactly as I remember it from tasting at the domaine – dynamic, crystalline, über-delicious wine. A treat!
Rebuy – Yes

2017 Thillardon, La Haut – Le Blanc de Thillardon VDF
From 8 hl/ha. A crémant bottle with a crown-cap as there’s 5g residual sugar in this – just in case it decides to ferment in the future – it’s already 14° and no sulfur.
Cloudy – plenty of yeasty dregs from the last pour too. The nose is deep and far from pure but has a sort of yeasty crémant style to it. Fresh, petillant very tasty wine. The sort of moreish wine that you have to keep going back to despite its manifold faults. So Yum!
Rebuy – Yes

2009 Ramonet, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Clos de la Boudriotte Rouge
Relatively light, and aging colour. The nose is a lovely, already leafy and sweet invitation. There’s still concentration to this open wine, and a sweetness of fruit too – but – the mid and finishing flavours still have a surprising amount of harsh, bitter wood. I like the start, but I don’t like the finish. On day three the last half a glass is a smoothie, so I’m sure the oak will continue to fade – but wait at least 2 more years I think…
Rebuy – Maybe

2005 Roger Belland, Santenay-Commes 1er
The earliest wine that has a DIAM that I have in the cellar – I think I have some of his Santenay-Beauregard too which will also be DIAM.
As you can see, the ‘cork’ remains in perfect condition, and probably this wine is better than at any stage of its life, a full, super-fruity, deep nose of far more purity than I remember when young – the oak most have been eaten by now! Like wise plenty of richness of fruit on the palate and super clarity for a Santenay of this era – certainly from this producer. Perfect shape and absolutely delicious!
Rebuy – Yes

today’s views of chablis…

Without rain today…

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