Why Big Red Diary?

just a few domaines, unlucky enough to host me last week


a tour d’or…

The last two days have brought Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. It’s not raining yet, but that’s the forecast.

In 2015 many domaines already started their winter pruning, but on the 1st of November this year, the vines were still mainly full of leaves – so everything is being put back a little.

next week – the 2015 white burgundy report


Above, a bunch of happy smiley faces, visited since the harvest. There are just a few more to add, but October 2016’s Burgundy Report will be online by next Friday.

October 2016 = 2015 White Burgundy.
The wines and thoughts of important domaines, plus the information on the vintage and its best wines.
Coming soon…

the first post-trump morning…

offer of the day – Faiveley 2015…

I missed the 14s, but here you can see the same merchant’s prices (in Switzerland) for the 12s, 13s and 15s:
The format here for the prices is simple: 2015 (2013, 2012) and — if not previously seen…

DOMAINE FAIVELEY 2015 – En Primeur

Gevrey-Chambertin Les Cazetiers 2015 75cl 78.00 (72.50, 69.80) Swiss Francs
Gevrey-Chambertin Les Cazetiers 2015 150cl 161.00
Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Saint-Georges 2015 75cl 98.00 (98.00, 98.00)
Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuées 2015 75cl 128.00 (119.00, 119.00)
Chambolle-Musigny la Combe d’Orveau 2015 75cl 124.00 (119.00, 119.00)
Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses 2015 75cl 229.00 (228.00, 228.00)

Corton Clos des Cortons 2015 75cl 149.00 (139.00, 139)
Corton Clos des Cortons 2015 150cl 303.00 (283.00, 283)
Corton Clos des Cortons 2015 300cl 656.00 (—)
Echezeaux 2015 75cl 149.00 (—)
Mazis-Chambertin 2015 75cl 179.00 (167.00, 169)
Mazis-Chambertin 2015 150cl 363.00 (—)
Mazis-Chambertin 2015 300cl 776.00 (—)
Grands Echezeaux 2015 75cl 198.00 (198.00, —)
Chambertin Clos de Bèze 2015 75cl 278.00 (249.00, 235)
Chambertin Clos de Bèze 2015 150cl 561.00 (503.00, 475)
Chambertin Clos de Bèze 2015 300cl 1,172.00 (—)
Chambertin Clos de Bèze Les Ouvrées Rodin 2015 75cl 659.00 (598.00, 598)

Corton Charlemagne 2015 75cl 169.00 (169.00, 159)
(8% Tax to add in Switzerland, but then these are delivered prices)

To be honest, I’m relatively surprised by the price restraint here, 2015 is certainly (largely) better than the other vintages shown here, and I must admit that I bought that Charlemagne in 2012 – I must (eventually) try to find a bottle!

weekend wines – week 44 – a little vosne…

dsc01681Two from 2002 – first up – a little Romanée-Saint-Vivant:

The Domaine Charles Thomas (sometimes Thomas-Moillard) vines in RSV are now, of-course, exploited by Dujac – probably the style from here is now a little different!

This RSV is actually a big wine; clean and with good aromatic and flavour freshness, yet is dense and currently a little tight. The nose is clean and actually very pretty but you have to work to coax out the notes – that said it implies quite some mass – a silky mass too. The palate is similar; big, very silky and with a very impressive density and weight though nothing to tire the palate. It’s generally a tight but silky wine with lots of underlying material – modestly playing with the palate – I wish I had more of this than the ‘mountain of 1999’ that I have in storage – or maybe one day that will come round too… Still, this was a very enjoyable wine, indeed.

The Hudelot-Noellat Suchots, also 2002, has an exciting, open nose of sous-bois, spice and a modest fruit too – more engaging and exciting than the RSV, if ‘thinner.’ The palate comparison has a similar result – this is ‘thinner’ – but with energy and lots of engaging flavour – a super wine and easily the more interesting wine of these two, at least to drink today. In terms of apparent concentration, though, this pales when compared directly to the RSV – even a Charles Thomas RSV – the 1er vs grand cru levels are very obvious.

Two wines that were very much enjoyed and I would happily buy again – at the old prices!

the leaves they fall…

A frost on Friday morning, followed by rain on Saturday, and half the leaves have already given up – another week and the Côte d’Or will be looking very different.

From Friday and Sunday:

early morning volnay…


Today it’s raining, the only colour is in the market of Beaune – but yesterday morning – now that was pretty! Pretty enough in Volnay that I had to stop the car and take a few pics….

over volnay caillerets towards meursault this morning…


fraud – close to home too

corbetNot in this case for burgundy wine, but certainly wine IN Burgundy.

Apparently it happened in 2012; ‘Les Frauds’ visited a négoce bulk wine producer in Morey St.Denis and decided to test some samples of SAS Corbet’s Vins de Table – red and white. Both are blends of wine from various regions of France – the grape varieties were deemed, after analysis, not a problem.

But apparently the water they contained was a problem – 20% too much for the red and 15% for the white. Two of the company’s 4 tanks were at fault. I’m impressed that analytically they can tell that this water’s source wasn’t grapes. It’s an easy way to add 20% to your top line – eh?

Well it was. This afternoon The ‘Tribunal Correctionnel de Dijon’ handed down it’s judgement that they had ‘falsified the quality’ of their Vins de France, by diluting them with water.

The company was fined €20,000…

it’s that time of year in beaune


The time of year when you should be careful in the evening – as tens of thousands of starlings come to town to roost. Oh, and definitely don’t park under the trees 😉

This morning was largely misty, just the first rays of sun managed to penetrate around lunchtime. I managed to go for a late afternoon jog, camera in hand – there’s still a surprising amount of leaves on the vines – well, it is the 1st of November, after-all! But given a late harvest and late developing shoots after most were frosted off – maybe that’s the reason that they haven’t dropped off yet. It was a nice light between 4 and 5pm on the ‘middle hill’ of Beaune…

weekend wines – week 43


A tasty set this weekend, and without being too flashy 😉

The 2011 Puligny from Au Pied de Mont Chauve (Picard) was right on the money, layered but fresh and intense – it drank perfectly over 2 days. The 2010 villages Nuits of Clavelier is tighter than it was 3 years ago, but then opens out very well in the finish – nicely complex and very testy – yum! The 1999 villages Nuits from Potel seems a wine for the ages – always open, always with a bubbling undertow of complexity – it’s currently terrific, but then it always has been! The Seppi Landmann riesling worked perfectly with fondue – what do you expect? 😉 Lastly there was the 2002 Auxey-Duresses 1er Les Grands Charmes from Henri Latour – this smelled gorgeous and silky. The acidity is a little higher than the last two from Nuits, but not enough to complain about. Just a compelling ‘ordinary wine’ or at least if price is your only judge. Also yum!

Sunday a walk through the woods with coffee at the end…

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