Why Big Red Diary?
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2002 Trapet Père et Fils, Latricières-ChambertinJul. 2010
I just knew the football would turn out badly after I opened this hideously corked bottle. A 1998 Antipodean shiraz served as a less than adequate replacement, much like the bunch of people who were supposed to be England footballers…
2005 Trapet Père et Fils, ChambertinApr. 2008
Sweet, slightly sulfury oak is the main aromatic theme there is a slightly more interesting interlude, but only in the context of this bottle, not the other wines. Apparently less concentrated than wines 4 and 5 but with a lovely width of flavours. Long, but less-so than most. Very fine for sure, but it’s struggling to keep its head above water in this company.
1995 Trapet Père et Fils, Gevrey-Chambertin Petite ChapelleMar. 2004
Obvious signs of of past seepage on the top the cork. Medium, medium-plus ruby, just fading a little to brick at the rim. The nose is a beauty – starts with tons of berry fruit – black as well as red, summer pudding. Gradually becomes more diffuse, but gains in depth and secondary, more savoury aromas with a trace of earth. The palate is medium fat and could do with a little more concentration for a 1er Cru, but shows lovely fruit with a long, almost licorice finish. The acidity is good, though the tannins are still present and show a hint of bitterness at the end – but they’re quite well mannered. A wine that shows both balance and plenty of interest, though still requires at least another couple of years in the keller.
1993 Trapet Père et Fils, Gevrey-ChambertinMar. 2004
The colour has a core of medium-plus ruby red, fading to a watery edge. The nose is very Gevrey with lots of turned earth and eventually a young showing mix of primary red and black cherry. The palate has depth, reasonable fat and pretty much perfect acidity. The tannins are there, but you need to search for them. Good length – helped along by the acidity. Nice wine and still only a youth.
1993 Trapet Père et Fils, Gevrey-ChambertinDec. 2002
Colour is medium-plus ruby at the core, fading quickly to the edge. The nose is very earthy and farmyard smelling with background aromas of still quite primary cherry. The palate has good density with fine acidity. Tannin is well hidden. Finishes nicely long. A very good wine and still young.
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