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2007 Serveau Bernard, Gevrey-Chambertin Les EvocellesJan. 2011
The nose is becoming characteristic, there is more depth but also more volatility too. Nice flavours with the structure further to the fore, though that will fade. Again the last drops smell much nicer than the full glass.
2007 Serveau Bernard, Nuits St.GeorgesJan. 2011
Similar nose to the Gevrey. The structure is actually on a lower level to the Evocelles, which is mainly covered by bright well balanced fruit. Actually a very pretty wine – except the aromas.
2007 Serveau Bernard, Chambolle-Musigny Les AmoureusesJan. 2011
There is more depth of aroma here which drowns the worst of the ever-present family nose. In the mouth this is a lovely, comforting wine showing super flavour. Overall a very nice wine.
2006 Serveau Bernard, Chambolle-Musigny Les AmoureusesJan. 2011
Well, I’m glad it wasn’t me! Not a trace of volatility here, just very pretty fruit – a raspberry conserve, perhaps with a little mint-leaf. Full and impressive over the tongue, round with fine tannin. The finish is clean as a bell – just lovely wine. Given the domaine’s tarif, no surprise that this one is sold-out!
2007 Serveau Bernard, Chambolle-Musigny Les SentiersJan. 2011
The nose is wide but a little volatile. Decent flavour and plenty of tannin – this should come together very well – but I’m no fan of the nose.
2007 Serveau Bernard, Morey St.Denis Les SorbetsJan. 2011
Understated red fruits and also a touch of volatility – though on a lower lever to the Sentiers. Fuller and wider – much more impressive flavour and it expands further in the mid-palate. Plenty of structure and the last drops in the glass actually smell pretty good.
1998 Serveau Bernard, Chambolle-Musigny Les AmoureusesMar. 2010
All I know is that a burgundy shape half-bottle has been decanted. This is very pale, almost salmon pink. The nose is dominated by volatile acidity and esters, much more-so than my recent 72. In the mouth those aromas can still be tasted, but only as a pale backdrop to a sweet core of ripe strawberry fruit, nice enough acidity and almost no tannin to speak of. I don’t mess around – I think it’s a decent 78 Beaune 1er that’s heading for the downslope (assuming it’s not a rhone!). Well I got the ‘8′ and the 1er cru correct, but I’m amazed to see it’s a 1998. It’s tasty and doesn’t smell too bad as the VA moves into the background (~30mins), but clearly this is a wine to ‘drink-up’.
2001 Serveau Bernard, Chambolle-Musigny Les AmoureusesAug. 2006
Medium-pale ruby-red. The nose is forward, just a little creamy and dense, also a suggestion of smoke in the background that hints (together with the colour) at the inclusion of some stems. The fruit is hard to get at and even seems slightly reduced to start with before offering a dense cherry expression. Silky palate, certainly refined but seems overly light. Evanescent finish, lacking that spark in the mid-palate and frankly flavour too but the finish has some intensity. It would make a good villages, but real disappointment here vs the label.
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