Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Roty Joseph, Gevrey-Chambertin Les FontenysApr. 2010
The first wine with a floral dimension to the aromas. Again this is quite structured, but not enough to overwhelm the rest of the wine. Super mid-palate intensity.
2007 Roty Joseph, Mazy-ChambertinApr. 2010
Tight, very clean dark fruit. Lots of very silky tannin – a darkly flavoured mix of fruit and oak. Very muscular, but if not balletic, it’s certainly lean, athletic muscle. Hard to believe it’s a 2007.
2007 Roty Joseph, Charmes-Chambertin Très Vieilles VignesApr. 2010
After the previous wines, surprisingly this is not about aromatic impact, rather a subtly growing width of aromas. The tannins are less silky than those of the Mazis, but all is forgotten as you move through the mid-palate complexity and dimensions. This really is quite something.
2007 Roty Joseph, Bourgogne Grand OrdinaireApr. 2010
Aromas of dark fruit augmented with warm, creamy brûlée. This is fresh and has plenty of impact. Really good flavours – highly impressive BGO this. Given its normal price-point, I can’t recommend it enough.
2007 Roty Joseph, Bourgogne Les PressoniersApr. 2010
A blend of several parcels, though the youngest vines (very young for this domaine) are still older than 30 years. Deeper coloured. Dark fruit. Lots of impact, concentration and structure here – wow – it betters many a villages Gevrey.
2007 Roty Joseph, MarsannayApr. 2010
An assembly of multiple plots. Very clean dark fruit aromas. Plenty of dark flavours to match the nose, partly oak-driven. A powerful 07 villages.
2007 Roty Joseph, Marsannay Les OuzeloyApr. 2010
Also aromatically dark, but wstill wider than the last – really impressive. A wide-angle panorama of flavours, mouth-filling, this is very lovely. There’s plenty of structure but there’s balance too. A little spice and licorice as you head into the finish. High class Marsannay.
2007 Roty Joseph, Gevrey-ChambertinApr. 2010
Dark, ripe, slightly sweet aromas. Energy, width and plenty of flavour dimension – very well balanced. Fine villages.
2007 Roty Joseph, Gevrey-Chambertin Champs-ChenysApr. 2010
Aromatically wider. The structure is finer, more tailored. The linear, mineral flavours are more of an insinuation than overt fruit, but that flavour really sticks in the finish.
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