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2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotOct. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is an interesting thing – this reminds me of a 2005, I think that’s my first time ever with a 2009! Concentrated fruit – essence of raspberry – some high-toned, slightly alcoholic notes and dried herbs. Cool and concentrated with plenty of acidity, though far from too much. The flavour lingers on a (very) dark red fruit note. Relatively narrow in the mid-palate but with decent intensity, only a medium-plus (or so) length, but overall this is a quality wine – and did I mention the price…(?)
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix BlancDec. 2010
The nose offers a width of herbs and an overall impression that recalls Charlemagne – super. Round, silky and soft, the concentration is very good. With slowly fading flavours this is excellent for its level.
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Corton-CharlemagneDec. 2010
Higher toned with plenty of herbs – lovely clear definition. Lots and lots of mid-palate flavour; pear, hints of coconut. I’d like a hint more acidity yet there is no lack of mouth-watering flavour in the finish
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix BlancDec. 2010
Deep, quite tight aromas (the bottle is v.cold) of fruit. Full in the mouth but with the requisite energy. A hint of minerality before the fruit hits, edged with subtle barrel flavour. Super value here and the last drops have a hint of caramel about them.
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Bourgogne AligoteDec. 2010
Very pretty fruit-driven aromas. For this level the mid-palate depth is good and the flavours linger very well. Nice entry-level wine.
2009 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Bourgogne ChardonnayDec. 2010
There is a little fruit under a waft of high-toned aromas. Sweet and quite supple, both the concentration and finish are pretty good. I’d like a little more energy but there’s certainly plenty of wine here.
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Clos RoyerDec. 2010
Vines that are almost within the village. Lovely, direct and pretty fruits that also give the impression of sweetness. There is more structure, but there is also a very nice texture. I think this is very pretty.
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotDec. 2010
Again the aromas showcase very pretty red fruits, this time with plenty of cherry. The fruity flavours have an almost floral dimension. There is more concentration and structure, but everything is on an understated level.
2008 Ravaut Gaston et Pierre, Ladoix Les Basses MurottesDec. 2010
On the nose there’s darker red fruit, more impact and density too. This is a little fuller and offers more structure balanced with a mid-palate flavour that lingers into the finish. Mouth-watering flavour – very good.
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