Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Pousse d'Or, Santenay Clos des TavannesNov. 2011
Plenty of oak-toast on the nose, augmented by a little reduction – slowly there’s a dark-ish red fruited dimension. Concentrated and quite lithe in the mouth, with good structure and length.
2010 Pousse d'Or, Volnay CailleretsNov. 2011
Again there’s a reductive element, but the oak is fainter here. The acidity is higher but so is the intensity. Faint CO2 spoils further appraisal.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Chambolle-MusignyNov. 2011
Just a hint of toasty oak on the nose; dark fruit bubbles below. Fresh, good acidity here though currently offering a rather narrow flavour-impression. There is obvious oak as a flavour component which obscures much of what I’d hope to find in a Chambolle. I like the shape of the wine but time will tell how good it is as the oak fades.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Volnay CailleretsNov. 2011
Medium-plus colour. Crystallised dark fruits play on the nose – with less overt oak than the villages Chambolle. The flavour of the oak is obvious but the wine has good tannin with just the right amount of ‘grab’ for a young wine – excellent width and complexity. This is a very engaging wine but without the common minerality of a Caillerets – perhaps it will develop as the oak fades.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Volnay Clos d'AudignacNov. 2011
Medium-plus colour. There is a more meaty depth to the fruit than was the case for the Caillerets. In the mouth this is very finely proportioned, offering a lovely balance between the tannin and the understated (though just about perfect) acidity. The oak is here as a flavour component too, but it seems to be in a more supporting role than some of the other wines.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Chambolle-Musigny Les GrosseillesNov. 2011
Medium-plus colour. The oak is here for sure but there’s very cool and clean fruit too. Decent tannin, understated acidity and quite the most impressive intensity of these ‘Pousse’ wines, so far. I find the flavour still to be significantly of oak, I just wonder for how long.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Corton Clos du RoiNov. 2011
Medium-plus colour. Notes of ripe dark fruit mingle with equally dark oak – or is the latter colouring the former? After the nose this is much more lithe than I was expecting – really lovely intensity and some ripe tannin too. Long-finishing flavours of dark fruit and licorice; this wine seems to have absorbed the toasty flavours more than the others.
2002 Pousse d'Or, Volnay Clos des 60 OuvréesApr. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour but quite an amber caste – I wonder how this has been stored. The fruit has a pronounced jammy aroma and some dried cranberry, eventually widening to give a dark cherry and some dark minerality at the core. Sweet in the mouth and there’s fine texture, too – the acidity has a slightly bitter prominence, but not enough to make you wince or regret the next sip. Actually it drinks very well. I have the feeling that it might have been stored at a high-ish temp at some stage during its lifetime, but it clearly survived the trip to all the way to the bottle-bank…
2006 Pousse d'Or, Corton Clos du RoiDec. 2008
Medium colour. Ripe red fruit is backed by a little darker oak. The fruit gives a slightly roast impression but the structure and the finish are very good. Very good.
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