Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. To start there is some animale about the nose, below is a broad if not deep complexity. The animale is quickly replaced with an ever-changing array of aromas before eventually delivering pretty red berries – very impressive. The first impression is a little warmth to the flavours allied to a more mineral dimension. The structure is understated, tannin and acidity being quite discreet. A medium intensity with a fine texture. Super aromatics, the rest is pure understatement
2004 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. The first sniff reveals nothing of the vintage, the second a little and the third more – in a short time I estimate a 5/10 intensity for the vintage character – it obscures everything else for me. In the mouth I have to say the texture is super – very fine velvet – the intensity of flavour is more than delivered by the 2007, but the aromas from the nose are more than evident in the mouth too.
2007 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Vosne-Romanée Les Champs PerdrixApr. 2009
Tight and rather more savoury aromas than most. Width and plenty of ripe tannin on the tongue. Decent acidity and a striking finish – clearly the best aspect of the wine.
2007 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Vosne-Romanée Les Beaux MontsApr. 2009
Not as deeply coloured as the villages wine. Perhaps a hint of reduction on the nose. Good but not exceptional width, but the real interest lies in the mid-plate where there is dimension and complexity. Decent finish.
2006 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Vosne-Romanée Les BeaumontsDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. Once more, many dimensions open up on the nose – perhaps a little cola too, but I won’t hold that against it right now! Less obviously ripe than the villages cuvée but there’s super, mouth-filling concentration and a background of tannin that for a while comes more center-stage. Super, but 156 swiss francs…
2006 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Nuits St.Georges La RichemoneDec. 2008
Medium-plus colour. A deep, more darkly-fruited nose that’s overlaid with some higher, faintly alcoholic notes. This is definitely a wine of structure, bathed in tannin but not so it’s overwhelmed. It’s a real mouthful, but it’s also rather good.
2006 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Charmes-ChambertinDec. 2008
Medium colour. Open, with sweet oaky elements and rather fainter fruit. Concentrated, with decently textured structure – there’s lots of wine here, but despite a great finish I’d like a hint more acidity/freshness.
2006 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Chapelle-ChambertinDec. 2008
A little more ruby-coloured than previous wines. A sweet nose with mocha/caramel. Again there is undoubted concentration, but this time wrapped with a nicer freshness. Long and very impressive wine – super.
2006 Perrot-Minot Christophe, Mazoyères-ChambertinDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. Again the same caramel as the last wines – which is disappointing – but this time on a lower level and overlaid by pretty higher tones. Here the structure and concentration show in a more obvious manner, but the wine is intense and essentially fresh. Very impressive if not yet ‘comely’.
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