Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Pernot Paul, Puligny-Montrachet Les FolatièresJan. 2011
Like the previous wine, understated but wide – just a little more higher-toned. Fuller in the mouth, silkier too. The acidity is understated but sufficient. I really like the mid-palate flavour and complexity that comes with it – this is lovely to roll around your mouth. Fine.
2009 Pernot Paul, Puligny-Montrachet La GarenneJan. 2011
Here there is more depth to the aroma, a hint of SO2 distraction too. Again this is quite silky but in this case there is more power and width. Overall, just as long as the Folatières but more width.
2009 Pernot Paul, Puligny-Montrachet Les PucellesJan. 2011
The nose is rounder, but to start with there is less focus than the Clos de Garenne. More minerality and good enough acidity. It doesn’t seem to have the width of the CdGarenne but the length is certainly there and with a more mineral dimension too.
2009 Pernot Paul, Bienvenues-Bâtard-MontrachetJan. 2011
This needs a little time to open in the glass, getting wider in the process – there’s clearly something a little ‘extra’ here. Here there is a higher mineral expression but the texture is plusher at the same time. Never super-wide, this wine manages to grow and grow in your mouth, finishing on an understated but long note.
2009 Pernot Paul, Bâtard-MontrachetJan. 2011
The nose is round with a clear floral note in the middle. Full and round with a dense mid-palate that’s carried by a (citric) acidity. This wine has plenty to say; more open than the Bienvenues and with a stronger if not longer finish.
2009 Pernot Paul, Puligny-MontrachetJan. 2011
The soft-fruit aromas are understated but wide, slowly gaining in depth. The texture is a little soft, just enough acidity and there’s a very nice depth of mid-palate flavour which becomes stronger in the finish. Understated but then finishes with gusto.
2001 Pernot Paul, Bienvenues-Bâtard-MontrachetJul. 2003
Pale yellow. Another subdued nose. Palate is much wider than the preceding wines. The finish comes with a crescendo of fruit. Spoiled by just a hint of spritz, despite that, a fine wine.
2001 Pernot Paul, Beaune Les TeuronsMar. 2003
Medium-plus ruby red. Some oak and plummy fruit on the nose. Smaller scale and smoother tannins. Good acidity with persistent fruit. Good.
2001 Pernot Paul, Pommard Les NoizonsMar. 2003
Medium+ cherry colour. The nose is high toned with sweet oak. More tannic than the ‘Les Teurons’ but with nicer acidity and more interesting fruit.
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