Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Pataille Sylvain, Bourgogne Le ChapitreMar. 2012
Medium-plus colour. The nose is hard to love at the start – it seems more like cola than wine – with time the cola slowly transforms to a musky, smoky, creamy red-black, almost blue fruit. Good concentration, plenty of freshness too. This wine is almost textured from the tannin but there’s hardly any astringency. Surprisingly (after the nose) this is far from the easy and sweet vernacular of 2009, it is a serious wine and I wouldn’t touch another for at least three years.
2009 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay Les LongeroisOct. 2011
Medium-plus colour. The nose has an intensity that majors on a fine and clear raspberry note. In the mouth this reminds me of a 2008 with a sweet-and-sour approach; fine sweet fruit with a powerful acidity that offers impressive balance. There is a nod to the vintage with a modest mid-palate padding that also shows a hint of cream to the flavour. Like the 09 Ladoix 1er of Ravaut, this has nothing of the facile nature of many 09s – very impressive wine, and one that is worth a special search. It may ‘only’ be a villages wine, but it will amply reward 15 years in the cellar, yet, I have the impression it will never be other than generous despite its coiled intensity. Certainly worthy of a 1er cru label. Yum.
2008 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay Les LongeroisJun. 2011
Medium-plus, purple-rimmed colour. The nose is a mix of very dark red, almost black cherry and beautiful aromas of violet flowers. In the mouth there are polished, intense dark fruit flavours supported by a lovely acidity. Tannin has a slight grain if you search for it but you need a concious effort to find it. Slowly lingering finish. A beautiful Villages wine.
2003 Pataille Sylvain, Bourgogne RougeNov. 2004
Medium, medium-plus colour with purple highlights. High-toned fresh nose. Excellent intensity to the fruit – very kirsch style – good tannins too. This is first-class bourgogne. Lovely, I expect that I will be buying some.
2003 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay Clos du RoyNov. 2004
The medium colour is a little more ruby shaded than the Bourgogne. The nose shows some high tones but is a little tighter than the Bourgogne. Even nicer mouthfeel, good velvetty tannin and excellent acidity. There’s a slightly more roast character to the fruit – a little prune perhaps. Interesting and very tasty.
2002 Pataille Sylvain, Bourgogne BlancNov. 2004
There’s plenty of fresh pear on the friendly and forward nose. Soft palate with good fruit. This is a tasty and very honest bourgogne. Good.
2002 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay La MontagneNov. 2004
Medium, medium-plus colour. Captivating cherry nose, red and black. Again there’s a very nice mouthfeel, the oak is doing a really super job here. This wine displays almost a cordial-essence aspect to the fruit. Good length. Delicious, I could drink this all day – very lovely – another purchase coming on(?)
2002 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay L'AncestraleNov. 2004
This cuvée showcases old family vines in a lovely older-style, more flared bottle, similar to those used by Laurent Ponsot. The nose starts with a blast of toasty oak but takes only a minute in the glass to fade into the mix of red and black cherry fruit. Just a trace of astringency to the oak tannins on the palate but still a far from rustic mouthfeel. This wine shows a similar depth of fruit to the previous wine, but with more complexity. A wine that you could enjoy today but will be à point with another 2 or 3 years in the cellar.
2002 Pataille Sylvain, Marsannay BlancNov. 2004
Just a little oak on the nose to start with. Slightly more estery nose compared with the Bourgogne – apparently this was a very long fermentation, only finishing in June. The palate shows good fat and is carried very well by the acidity. Interesting length with some complexity. If I understood well, this wine also contains a little Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, a cepage de Marsannay if you like!
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