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2006 Parent François, Pommard Les RugiensJul. 2009
Medium-colour. A sweet-ish, slightly meaty but rather more diffuse nose than I’d like – a little oaky cola too before finally giving way to some finer red berry notes. Fresh and quite intense, relatively velvet texture with a dark fruit personality. There’s a sneaky extra fruit dimension in the mid-palate – which is nice. The finish is reasonably long if rather understated. There are no nasty bits here, but for a Rugiens I find this rather underpowered, or should I say, rather ‘under-interested’. I liked it, but it hovers close to a grand cru price and I don’t see what’s in the glass as an ‘added value’ 1er – it was certainly trumped by yesterday’s Morey. I wouldn’t turn away if it ended up in the sales however!
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