Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Les Coteaux Sous La RocheAug. 2011
Medium-pale. The nose is quite buscuity/toasty bread with an underlying sweetness. In the mouth there’s lovely acidity and sweetness though to start it seems there’s a bit of a hole in the middle – give it a few minutes and the intensity increases and it comes into a good place. Everybody wanted a top-up from this one!
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Bourgogne ChardonnayMay. 2011
Nice high-toned chardonnay. Full, plenty of peachy fruit flavours with a good lingering acidity.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Les Coteaux Sous La RocheMay. 2011
(Blanc) Medium colour. Hints of toasted bread on the nose, hints of cream too. Fine balance, depth of flavour and decently intense too – once more with a suggestion of cream.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Beaurepaire BlancMay. 2011
Hints of warm fruit and Chassagne-style herbs. Intense, sweet and just slightly heavy – but the flavours are long and finally a decent acidity kicks in delivering a nice balance to the finish.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Bievaux (blanc)May. 2011
Medium-pale colour. Lovely density coupled to equally lovely acidity – the intensity grows and grows – there’s a lovely mid-palate peak too. I like this a lot.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMay. 2011
(Blanc) High-toned, completely different aromas, framed with Chassagne herbs. This is longer and rounder and whilst balanced I have a slight preference for the river of acidity that runs through the Bievaux.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Les Temps de C(e)risesMay. 2011
From four different plots of vines made with about 20% new oak. This was planned as a one-off cuvée in the financial crisis as an easy drinking wine – but customer took to it very well, so… Medium colour. Clean, dark cherry on the nose – fine. Medium weight with a lovely clean intensity – very nice wine.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay Les CharmesMay. 2011
Made with 50% whole clusters, from a single vineyard just under Clos Rousseau in the west of Santenay.Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose seems a red-cherry compote. Fuller with lots of interesting and intense flavour – lovely length too. A wine with a very well managed structure – excellent quality.
2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay BeaurepaireMay. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. This also shows a dark cherry fruit but coupled to higher-toned violet notes. Again there is intensity and very pretty, mouth-watering fruit. A good increase of flavour in the mid-palate and finally just a little strawberry in the finish. Excellent.
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