Why Big Red Diary?
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2001 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, Vosne-RomanéeMar. 2010
Has a decent, dark colour. The nose is dark-fruit shaded and shows the village spicyness. In the mouth it has lost the fat and impact of it’s youth – it’s narrower and more taught. There is certainly some development of mid-palate complexity and a decent length. To drink today it’s quite okay, but reward is at least 7 or 8 years away.
2006 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, BourgogneFeb. 2010
The second from this case. Medium-plus colour. The deep nose shows plenty of dark cherry. More concentrated than you expect given the label, with a velvet texture and showing an extra dimension of flavour in the mid-plate. A decent finish too. This wine is in an excellent place right now!
2006 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, BourgogneMay. 2009
Relatively deep colour with purple hints. The nose is heavy with dark, sugar-coated cherry. There’s a soft texture and decent concentration. Slightly tart acidity is more than offset by young fruit that is both stylish and concentrated plus shows a good extra dimension in the mid-plate. A reasonable, if rather faint finish is the last act – perhaps dilute would also be an appropriate alternate description, despite the length. Not a long note, but a bottle that was emptied alarmingly fast. At a good price, this is worth going ‘long’ on for your cellar.
2006 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, Vosne-RomanéeApr. 2009
Higher-toned thatn the aromas of the two 07’s, with slightly redder fruit than the 07 Echézeaux. A little more structure, plenty of fine tannin, but equally good fruit. This seems more guarded or tighter but it’s clearly very good.
2006 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, EchézeauxApr. 2009
Width though not that much depth to the aromatics. A pretty red and black fruit mix, and super width on the palate. Very fine expansion into the mid-plate before slowly lingering. Makes a strong impression.
2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, Vosne-RomanéeApr. 2009
In bottle for a month from a mix of 70 and 25 year-old vines. Lovely, pure, fruit-driven aromas that seem almost silky. In the mouth there’s super taxture and is one of those rare villages wines that show gras (or fat). Lovely balance and concentration that follows beautifully into the finish. Excellent villages.
2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, EchézeauxApr. 2009
A deeper nose than the villages, but also showing less width and intensity. Super flavour – tannin with a faint grain and a super length. Super.
2001 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, Vosne-RomanéeJul. 2008
Medium colour. The nose is just a little alcoholic at the top over pretty, spicy red cherry and occasional wafts of coffee. Lovely texture but at this age the ‘puppy-fat’ has faded and the acidity is now more to the fore – the overall effect is now ‘only just ripe’. Cool red, tart cherry-fruit remains at the core and the finish is quite long. Just a little gawky now, but there are a few in the cellar for another day.
2004 Mugneret-Gibourg Georges, EchézeauxApr. 2007
Medium-plus cherry red colour. The nose shouts red berries, starting in a very soft, powdery red fruit way. Time adds faint cedar and a kind of wet-metal note. Very understated entry, instantly giving the impression of a nice ride along the acidity before moving into a very, very long finish – that was impressive! The mid-palate has a small burst of interest, but this wine remains very understated – not aloof – just very understated and very well made.
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