Why Big Red Diary?
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2005 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotMar. 2010
Medium, medium-plus yellow colour. A hint of sulfur, but otherwise soft yet penetrating notes of butterscotch and cream over ripe but very pretty fruits. Excellent intensity with penetrating acidity, this is both rich and powerful. In some ways it’s a little over the top and certainly starts a little chunky, but it really comes together with aeration. This wine is no shrinking violet – don’t go here for elegance – today it’s more of a swashbuckler!
2006 Morey Marc, Puligny-Montrachet Les RefertsDec. 2008
Not a very common appellation. High tones, not the finest, but interesting and fresh. Fresh but slightly diffuse flavours, that do become ‘more together’ in the glass. A super burst in the mid-palate before a good finish. Almost good this.
2006 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotDec. 2008
Medium cherry-red colour. The nose is a little higher toned than the Roger Belland cuvée. In the mouth the tannin is on a higher level and to a certain extent dominates the pretty fruit. Good length, but certainly needs cellar time.
2006 Morey Marc, Bourgogne BlancDec. 2008
Mainly high tones from this pretty and fine nose. Seems well concentrated – there’s plenty of wine here – but it has a slightly ‘raw’ aspect to it. Decent length, but I think it’s some way behind Pierre Morey’s Bourgogne which is also slightly cheaper.
2006 Morey Marc, Chassagne-MontrachetDec. 2008
More depth and intensity to the nose – again very pretty. Across your tongue this is much more refined than the bourgogne, also high-toned fruit. This is very nice wine.
2006 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotDec. 2008
Medium, medium pale lemon yellow. This is the first of the range that shows a rather tight nose. The palate is wide open though, it’s soft with very pretty and intense fruit. Another nice wine.
2006 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet En VirondotDec. 2008
More open and just a little savoury edge to the dood, high-toned fruit. Concentrated and more intense than the Morgeot, but as a package I preferred the previous wine.
2006 Morey Marc, Puligny-Montrachet Les PucellesDec. 2008
Slightly diffuse aromas. In the mouth it’s understated but shows good texture and a super burst of mid-palate interest. Very nice despite medium (for Pucelles) length. The quality needs to be higher for 98 francs per bottle though.
2002 Morey Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotApr. 2007
Medium-plus golden – certainly a worrying colour for one so young. The nose confirms quite a high level of oxidation. For me (with a significant dislike of oxidation) this was barely drinkable. If you have this wine check it now – urgently!
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