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2008 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Gevrey-Chambertin Les SeuvréesNov. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose shows lovely depth; just a hint of musk and dark red fruits. Fresh, but not overly so this trips over the tongue delivering excellent dark-shaded fruit and impressive complexity – just a hint tart in the finish but compellingly-so. Chew and you can find a little tannin that sticks to your mouth with a hint of astringency.
2008 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Fixin Champs de VosgerSep. 2011
Medium yellow. The nose is faintly sweet with an undertow of flowers and maybe a hint of sulfur. In the mouth this has a lovely bubbling acidity – I remember the 07 being borderline tart – bright and pretty but with a nice sweetness and extra width of flavour in the mid-palate. Lingering on a mouth-watering note. Many Fixins seem to me rather too savoury in their youth and whilst interesting, I wouldn’t be filling my cellar with them. This one avoids that ‘trap’ and begs a top-up to the glass. Yum.
2008 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Chambolle-Musigny Les BussièresAug. 2011
Medium-plus colour. The nose (doubtless with a little auto-suggestion) does make me think of Chambolle, a slightly earthy, powerful Chambolle aromatic – but Chambolle all the same. Not a wine of complexity, but there is balance, intensity and forwardly frank flavours that are very tasty indeed. The structure is there but it is more than countered by the fruit extract and flavour right now. A tad simple, but drained to the last drop – lovely.
2008 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Morey St.Denis Vieilles VignesJul. 2011
Medium-plus colour. The nose is a lovely deep and slightly musky affair – above is a clean red-fruit note. Beautifully fresh and intense but with just enough cushioned padding to the palate to bring balance – you will have to do plenty of chewing to find the buried tannin. This is just so ebulient today that I wonder if it can ever show better(?) As the mid-palate narrows with age I expect this might become a little mouth-puckering, but today, yum!
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Morey St.Denis Clos Les SionnièresNov. 2010
This is rather a meaty and powerful villages – for a 2007 anyway. Good, frank, red fruit aromas. On the palate it shows a nice acid balance plus good impact in the mid-palate. The tannins seem a hint rustic but that’s just part of the party. On day two the package is smoother if not quite meriting the label ‘refined’ – but who is searching for refinement in villages Morey? Day three a cold intervenes, but it seems smoother still.
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Morey St.Denis Vieilles VignesSep. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. Right from the start there are high, almost floral tones leaking from the glass – below is a redder fruit note. There’s plenty of acidity here but it’s suddenly consumed by a width of extract, slightly rustic finishing tannin and some creamy vanilla oak. The finish has that vanilla too and a slightly greeny/herbal element. Interesting, engaging almost but I’d personally be looking for a hint more composure if I was going to go long on this wine, that said, this was the perfect Burgundian food match – with Lasagna!
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Chambolle-Musigny Les BussièresAug. 2010
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose doesn’t have much width, but from top to bottom there’s plenty of depth with high floral tones and deeper dark red/black cherry in the basement, slowly a creamy width starts to fill out the nose. Silky texture, the flesh of the fruit is successfully hiding much of the acidity, then comes a really nice cream-edged fruit – this is very good. I’d drink it sooner or very much later, in-between I suspect the acidity might dominate for a few years. Enjoyed a lot today…
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Fixin Champs de VosgerJul. 2010
Medium yellow. The nose is of fresh, faintly spritzy, slightly unripe pineapple – which I find preferable to ripe pineapple! The acid is just a little forward but this has a nice kick of concentration and is very moreish in a kind of lemon sorbet vernacular. There’s good texture – the acidity ensuring that there is no obvious fat – and the merest hint of creaminess in the mid-palate. Not bad value and yum.
2007 Lignier Lucie et Auguste, Bourgogne AligoteJul. 2010
Medium-pale greeny-yellow. The nose has impact and depth – super – savoury undertones and a dried pineapple. The first sips make me think to grapefruit, mainly because it seems under-sugared – slowly either it mellows or I become less sensitive – I expect it is the latter! Lovely freshness with a hint of peach and a good texture too. The finish is understated but retains some sneaky flavour. I enjoyed this in a slightly masochistic way and perhaps a year or two will allow this to mellow a little.
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