Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Leflaive Olivier, Corton-CharlemagneApr. 2010
This nose shows ripe fruit that has by far the most obvious toasty oak influence – it’s faintly creamy too. Lots of flavour and interest here. Seems pretty focused all the way through and shows intensity right into the finish – at last. The best Charlemagne today if you like the oak aromas.
2008 Leflaive Olivier, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
Plenty of oak on the nose, but it’s a long way from being too much. I find a little petillance which perhaps drives the good dimensions of flavour – though it’s mainly oak-influenced flavour. After the last wine, I can only say ‘almost good’.
2005 Leflaive Olivier, Bourgogne Cuvée MargotDec. 2008
Medium cherry-red. The nose started red and a little powdery, the powdery edge slowly lifted to reveal simple but nice enough red berry aromas. The palate had reasonable balance, likewise the concentration was not bad for an 06 bourgogne. It’s only a few hours since I drank more than one glass but I can tell you little more. It was okay, but in a forgetful sort of way. Even if it was very cheap I can think of no valid reason to try it again…
1989 Leflaive Olivier, Corton-CharlemagneJul. 2005
Strangely orange in colour. The nose is very strange – almost menthol, then corked…
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