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2009 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de NuitsNov. 2011
Sweet aromas that are also rather oaky, but not unpleasantly so. Plenty of acidity and an understated fur of tannin – decent finishing power too. Just a bit too much oaky make-up today; return in 12 months…
2009 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Morey St.DenisNov. 2011
There is also plenty of oak on this nose too, set against higher-toned aromas and some herbs. Velvet texture and decent fruit too, very decent! Again the wine is served with plenty of oak, but it’s a very good wine for all that.
2009 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Nuits St.GeorgesNov. 2011
Dark oak aromas – mainly. Lithe velvet texture with tannin that is just a little astringent in the finish. Again there’s a little too much oak for my taste but you will find very good finishing flavour.
2009 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Nuits St.Georges Les DamodesNov. 2011
Two thirds of the grapes come from the 1er cru part of the vineyard. High tones and very modest oak notes overlaid by warm, red fruit. Round, mouth-filling and rather understated velvet tannin – very good width to the flavour. A good lingering finish that might have been even better with just an ounce more acidity – good wine though.
2006 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de NuitsDec. 2008
Medium cherry-red colour. A wide and fresh nose though limited depth. Faint tannin, overall quite well put together, but overall I find it a little anonymous.
2006 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Morey St.DenisDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose offers up mineral and earth notes with dark fruit – it’s very nice. Linear in the mouth before widening into a good finish. It’s complex and quite interesting.
2006 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Gevrey-ChambertinDec. 2008
Medium colour. A little dark oak and sweet cherry width. Ripe and well structured though it seems a little simple before the good finish.
2006 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Nuits St.Georges Les DamodesDec. 2008
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. Braod and high-toned aromas. It’s a mouth-filling wine – you know it’s there! Structured but balanced, with a dark personality. Quite impressive.
2006 Lécheneaut (Philippe et Vincent), Nuits St.Georges Les PruliersDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. Slightly roast, dark fruit on the nose. Plush and maybe a little mineral, but the well-covered structure dove-tails to decent fruit. A very nice burst of interest before a medium finish. Quite fun.
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